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Ah, the 2020s, the perfect time to bring back styles from the ’90s. Automakers love reviving old cars, whether it’s a retro theme, a nameplate, or something else. After the return of the Ford Ranger just a few years ago, it didn’t take long for the Ranger Splash and Splash Limited Edition to make a comeback. Ford’s new Ranger trim is meant to stir up the nostalgia in your heart, but which colors are available for the 2022 Ranger Splash Limited Edition?

What color is the 2022 Ford Ranger Splash Limited Edition?

an orange Ford Ranger Splash package model, what are the colors available for it?
2022 Ford Ranger Splash in orange | Ford

If you’ve followed the Ranger Splash news at all, you’ve probably seen the bright orange paint color with retro graphics. However, Ford didn’t show the Limited Edition colors until recently. The newly announced colors are the Snow Edition, Forest Edition, and Sand Edition. Each version will have a limited run time and change with the seasons.

What colors are the Ford Ranger Splash Limited Snow, Forest, and Sand Editions?

The first one will be available as the Snow Edition, slated for Spring 2022. Most importantly, the Avalanche paint color is off-white or grey, and it comes with black leather seats with Ash Grey accents. Additionally, carbon weave tuxedo stripes are featured in the seats, and more black accents appear throughout the interior. There will only be 750 units of the Ford Ranger Splash Snow Edition.

Next, the Ford Ranger Splash Forest Edition will be available in Summer 2022. Aptly named Forge Green, you probably could’ve guessed the color of the Forest Edition exterior paint. It has grey trimmings on the grille with red highlights, helping it stand out from other models. This version ditches leather seats for cloth variants of the same Ash Grey color. Ford will only produce 500 units of the Forest Edition model.

Finally, the Sand Edition is due by Fall 2022. It shares its interior colors and unique trim with the Forest Edition. In short, those who want leather seats in their Ranger Splash need to get the Snow Edition. Contrarily, the exterior color is titled Desert Sand and is exclusive to this model. Similarly, there will be only 500 total available units of this model.

How much does the Ford Ranger Splash Limited Edition cost?

According to Ford, each Splash Limited Edition model will cost $1,495 MSRP. That is to say, you can get the technology and features you prefer for a standard Ranger and add on the Splash Limited Edition trim for this amount. That puts the XLT mid-trim into the mid-$30,000 range, which is still very affordable. As far as limited models run, we don’t think the extra fee is too bad. Especially when you consider only a total of 1,750 Ford Ranger Splash Limited Edition models will exist.

Is the 2022 Ford Ranger available now?

The 2022 Ford Ranger is not yet available to order on the automaker’s website. The highly anticipated 2022 model is coming soon, as the first Splash model is just a few months out. Next year for 2023, the Ranger is getting an even more extensive overhaul and will likely become more expensive. In conclusion, with exciting models like the Splash Limited Edition and Ranger Raptor R possibly on the way, it’s an exciting time for Ford Ranger fans.


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