What are the Best Truck Tires for Towing?

When you hit you the road for a weekend of adventure and making memories with the fam, the last thing you want to worry about is your tires. You are a conscientious driver that already knows your tire choice matters. If you’re towing a camper, boat, or any other type of hobby trailer the tires on your truck matter even more. So, what are the best truck tires for towing?

A truck is already a more heavy-duty vehicle designed to take on extra challenges. There are already so many choices. From the Toyota Tacoma to the Ford F-350, trucks come in all different sizes with varying tow capacities. If you are hauling a trailer full of snowmobiles to hit the trails after a fresh dump of powder you’ll want a totally different set of tires than the family that is towing their camper in desert heat to the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

The climate, terrain, weight, and style of the trailer all have bearing on which tire you should choose. So the question isn’t really which truck tires are best for towing, it’s more a question of what kind of towing do I plan to do with my truck? Or What kind of truck and trailer do I drive?

Making your decision

When determining which truck tires are best for towing, it’s important to consider all the variables that are unique to your specific adventure. Are you hauling horses? Are you towing a loaded down camper? Are you in a light truck or a dually? Does your rig have a bumper hitch or a gooseneck setup? All of these factors come into play.

If you are towing with a truck, you’ll want to find an LT tire with a high load index. It’s important to check tire ratings and choose tires that both fit your vehicle and are designed with work in mind. Most truck tires are engineered to handle some towing. The higher a tire’s load index rating, the better the tire can handle a heavy load.

Where are you towing?

Tire options are difficult to narrow down. One way to determine which tires are the best for your truck and trailer is to select tires designed for the terrain and climate. Tires that excel in the cold and snow don’t perform as well in a hot climate. Likewise, a tire that is engineered for summer driving won’t be your best bet for towing in winter.

If you plan to tow the load year-round, be sure to find a tire that is designed for all-season driving. In addition, if you expect your adventure to take a turn off the pavement and onto the dirt, an all-terrain tire should be on your radar.

What truck tires are the best for towing?

The Michelin Defender LTX M/S all-season radial tire is a great place to start. There is also the Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac all-season radial tire, which is great for towing a load with off-road potential.

No matter what truck tire you choose to tow your trailer, be sure it fits. A tire should fit not only in size and ratings, but it should also fit your particular towing needs. Assess your rig and any projected adventures you plan to have.

Also, check your tire pressure often and ensure that you are hauling on tires with optimal PSI. This is a very important safety measure. Checking your tire pressure at every stop can help prevent disastrous mishaps.

Once you’ve decided on a tire, stay safe and enjoy the open road. Rest easy knowing your tires are aired up properly and selected for your specific vehicle, trailer, and activity.