What Are Some Of the Best Trailers For Boondocking?

RV boondocking, or going off-grid, is the adventurous way to get away from it all. While you can venture off-road in a traditional motorhome, travel trailers are the more popular way to go. Based on our research, here are a few of the best trailers to consider for boondocking. 

Scamp 13′ Trailer

A family sitting outside in front of a Samp 13' Trailer.
A Scamp 13′ Trailer | Scamp Trailers

Scamp trailers have a strong reputation for being rugged and capable adventurers. What makes these trailers even better is that they still offer modern amenities, such as a two-burner cooktop. Scamp’s entry-level model is the Scamp 13′ Trailer.

The Scamp 13′ can sleep up to four people. It has a sofa that turns into bunk beds and a table that flips into a bed. The Scamp also comes with a 12-gallon water tank, and the standard layout has a “sani potti”. If you opt for Layout 2, you get more options, including a toilet and a sink in the bathroom. 

Jayco Jay Feather Micro 

A stock photo of the Jay Feather Micro Trailer.
2021 Jay Feather Micro | Jayco

Jayco has a diverse lineup of RV options, from traditional motorhomes to toy haulers. If you’re interested in boon docking in the company’s lightest travel trailer, consider the Jay Feather Micro. The 2021 model ranges from 1,400 to 4,500 pounds. This Jayco is available in five different floor plans, and there are many customization options.

The Jay Feather Micro has fun outdoor amenities, including exterior speakers with blue LED accent lighting and an outside grill propane quick-connect port. You might also want to add on the customer Value Package, which includes 15″ Goodyear off-road tires, a Blackstone griddle, and a power roof vent.

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Airstream Basecamp X 

Airstream’s Basecamp X is one of the brand’s most affordable options. The standard version begins at $38,400 and sleeps two. This lineup also features floor plans that can accommodate four people. 

The Basecamp X can essentially provide you with everything you need. It has a kitchen, bathroom, and a lounge space that transforms into a bed. Along with its convenience features, the Basecamp lineup is known for its panoramic windows. 

2020 Opus Air 4 Sleeper

An inside look of the Op4 trailer.
OP4 Trailer with a king bed | Opus

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Opus falls slightly under the radar, but this brand is worth a look, especially for boon docking. Like these other brands on this list, Opus blends both luxury and practicality. One of Opus’ most popular models is the Opus Air 4 Sleeper. 

The OP4 4 has four days of off-roading capability and can sleep up to six people. Additionally, this trailer presents a cute dining space with leatherette seats, plus other chic interior elements. Opus also offers a full outdoor kitchen experience. This includes a slide-out stainless steel kitchen, external fridge, and pantry. 

Polydrop trailer 

A Toyota Prius hauling a Polydrop RV camper.
Polydrop travel trailer | Polydrop

Another trendy option to consider is the Polydrop trailer. Polydrop distinguishes itself from the pack with its futurist looks and energy-saving features. The Polydrop has an energy system that runs on a 100w solar panel and battery.  

A fully loaded Polydrop trailer weighs about 1,100 pounds, so it’s a worthy option for drivers with small cars or larger vehicles. You’ll also gravitate toward the Polydrop trailer if you plan on camping year-round. Polydrop boasts that its ultimate 8.7 inches of insulation can help you stay comfy in just about any weather condition.