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Finding the right car used to be much easier or, at least, simpler. You basically picked the one you thought looked cool and did whatever you needed it to do, found the one you could afford based on those things, and boom, you bought a car. There are so many different types of cars and so many features that picking which to go with can be tough. Maybe if we established the most popular new car features, then you could more easily whittle down the options. 

Woman sticks head out of car sunroof
Woman with her head out of sunroof | Eddy Chen/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Of all the new car features, which are the most popular? 

According to, cars with these 10 features have been chosen more than any other cars by customers:

1. Leather seats

2. Sunroof/moonroof

3. Heated seats

4. Backup camera

5. Navigation system

6. Bluetooth

7. Remote start

8. Blind spot monitoring

9. Third-row seating

10. Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

Most of these amenities won’t come as much of a shock. Leather seats are one of the longest-standing marks of a luxury car. Although nearly every signifier of taste has changed since the beginning of car production, leather seats have reminded as one of the most popular new car features. 

Are the most popular new car features also the most common new car features? 

Dashboard, infotainment system, steering wheel, and leather front seats in 2023 BMW XM. Leather seats is the most popular new car feature.
2023 BMW XM | BMW

Because leather seats, sunroof/moonroofs, and heated seats are the most sought-after features, many car manufactures have begun to prioritize them in production, making them all the more common. 

Cruising further down the are things that now affect safety ratings like backup cameras and blind-spot warning systems. While many people enjoy having these extra sets of eyes looking after them, the IIHS and NHTSA score cars better when they have these systems. Knowing this, most car makers these days offer such features as standard to comply with these safety agencies. 

Can any car be remotely started? 

Remote start is a bit of a shocker at 7th place. While you can add a remote start to basically any car, many new cars come with the feature these days. Not only do car makers offer remote start from the factory, but there are even smartphone apps that can pair with your car and remotely start it that way. While it may not seem like the most necessary feature, remote start is one of the most popular new car features. 

Do all new cars come with Bluetooth?

Funny that Bluetooth is only in 6th place, considering that nearly every new production car comes standard with Bluetooth. It is like AC at this point. Yet, for some reason, it isn’t the most popular new car feature. This leads us to the last place feature being Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. 

This feature is one of the handiest because you can send your phone’s navigation to your car screen, as well as music, podcasts, and phone calls. Seeing as how navigation is still not a standard feature, by any means, having this feature allows every car to have sat nav without paying the massive premium for it. 

These features are nice, and it would make sense for so many people to want them in their cars, trucks, and SUVs. But instead of creature comforts, what would it look like if customers preferred more exciting driving cars or vehicles with better fuel economy. Automakers have given into the people’s demands many times in the past. If customers spend their money on it, the automakers will build it. Maybe it’s time to rearrange our automotive priorities and watch the car makers fall in line?


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