What Actually Makes a Car Good These Days?

Cars are getting better with each new year which is certainly a great thing.  Although, the consistent improvements across so many global car brands make it more difficult to pick a new model. You might be wondering what actually makes a car good, or even great especially now with so many new features and technologies that aren’t always explained clearly.

The fundamentals of a good car are of course still the same. Good cars are about artistry, comfort, affordability, capacity, and dynamics. Newer cars, in particular, seem to be able to unite elements that before would seem contradictory.  You can have a safe car and not compromise on speed. You can have both a forceful engine and a peaceful car cabin.  

Reliability though is the central component of a great car and you’ll have to personally evaluate what reliability actually means to you.  If your priority is to have a low maintenance car that you can drive for over 200,000 miles, then a Toyota Camry might be the one to meet your expectations. If you are able to spend a couple of thousand dollars on maintenance each year then hey, go ahead and splurge on a BMW.

No matter what, as you determine what car features best fit your interests, make sure you explore beyond the marketing descriptions. It’s helpful to cross-reference the features you see on a carmaker’s website along with personal reviews and consumer reports to understand the full value of your choice. 

Features to Have on Your New Car Wishlist 

Advanced Safety

Advanced safety features come standard on a lot of new cars now. Collision avoidance systems are especially helpful because they literally act as a safety net for you while you’re driving.  Collision avoidance includes lane-departure warnings, parking assist, and autobraking which are designed to help you avoid accidents. Blind-spot detection also takes some of the pressure off when driving. Oh, and don’t forget backup cameras!

Infotainment Connectivity

Along with safety and reliability, we expect awesome infotainment that is ideally compatible with both Apple and Android phones. Infotainment phone compatibility helps to minimize distractions on the road and can help navigation be more fun. Built-in navigation features are nice to have in an infotainment system but aren’t necessary and neither is touch-screen controls. The best infotainment systems are intuitive and efficient. 

Another tech option to consider adding to your wishlist is a wifi connection which is usually included in upgraded infotainment systems. Tesla offers an advanced wifi connection and so does Chevy at a more discounted rate. 

More Cabin Comfort 

Heated steering wheels, heated seats, and dual-zone climate control are really nice things to have in a new car especially during winter weather. Dual-zone climate control systems are super helpful with passengers who range from hot to cold. Overall, the fabric and seat quality will make or break your level of comfort inside your car. During your next test drive, note how the interior fabric feels, as well as how you feel behind the wheel. If you aren’t into it, don’t be afraid to upgrade your seats on your ideal model.