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Arkansas and Oklahoma just got a little more exciting thanks to the electric Canoo truck, delivery van, and minivans that are on the way. The 2023 Canoo truck and other electric vehicles will be built in the United States, and we’re welcoming them with open arms. 

The Canoo truck is coming to America, and it’s bringing friends 

The Electric Canoo truck on display
Electric Canoo truck | Canoo

We’ve been seeing a few unique electric vehicles from Canoo, such as the electric Canoo truck, delivery van, and minivans. Now things are about to be taken to the next level as production ramps up in America. 

Canoo is an American electric-vehicle startup, but they originally planned to outsource production of its vehicles to VDL Nedcar, a Dutch contract manufacturer. But those plans have been scrapped. 

Why is Canoo moving its production? 

The electric Canoo truck and other vehicles are being built in America to reduce costs related to supply-chain complications. This also helps Canoo reduce shipping and tariff costs. There is a 25 percent tariff on vehicles imported to the United States. 

Now Canoo is switching from manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands to plants in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Canoo plans to build a new plant in Arkansas to start building its first vehicles in 2022. Then a factory in Pryor, Oklahoma, will go online in 2023. 

Canoo has the goal of building between 3,000 to 6,000 units in 2022. This is quite the increase from their original goal of manufacturing only 1,000 models. In 2023 it plans to increase production to 17,000 vehicles with the goal of ramping up to 40,000 EVs in 2024 and at least 70,000 Canoos in 2025. 

But the Netherlands isn’t totally out of the picture. Canoo is still discussing a partnership with VDL Groep, the parent company of VDL Nedcar, in the future for the European market. VDL Nedcar is returning Canoo’s prepayment of $30.4 billion from initial production plans. 

Plus, VDL Groep is buying $8.4 million in Canoo stock. We’re glad things are still going smoothly. But most of all, we’re excited about Canoo gaining the ability to bring the Canoo truck, delivery van, and lifestyle vans to the market at a faster pace. 

It will also invest in high-tech manufacturing jobs for Americans while providing the possibility of European production later. 

Why are we excited about Canoo? 

Canoo truck EV over head shot
Canoo truck EV | Canoo

The 2022 Canoo Lifestyle EV MVP Is Shockingly Affordable

We could be considered stalkers with the way we’ve been stalking the 2023 Canoo EV truck and vans. They will change the electric vehicle game with incredibly unique features at a reasonable price. 

Pricing for the truck and vans is expected to fall between $35,000 to $50,000. The truck could provide up to 600 hp and 550 lb-ft of torque with an estimated range of 250 miles. With AWD, the 2023 Canoo can carry a payload of up to 1,800 lbs, but the tow rating hasn’t been announced. 

The Canoo pickup truck is tiny but mighty, with a full 6-foot bed that’s about 21-inches shorter than current compact trucks. A slide-out floor extended the box length to eight feet with a barn door tailgate with fold-out panels to provide even more space. 

Portions of the walls fold down to create workspaces, and there’s a storage frunk. It can be transformed into the ultimate work or camping truck with plenty of power outlets to run sites. We can’t wait to see what it can do.