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To each his own, right? While we can’t imagine why a Wrangler owner would fuse two into one, we present it nonetheless. We’re not promoting modifying a Jeep that doesn’t fit onto regular streets and highways, but merely presenting a weird Jeep freak for your edification. And by presenting, we’re not advocating for widening your Jeep because it presents major problems.

Where is this double-wide Jeep Wrangler from?

Wide Jeep
Double-wide Jeep Wrangler | Jeepz

Like fitting onto streets. While it looks like it would barely fit onto one highway lane, it doesn’t. And scary as this is, it’s not the first wide-body Jeep. Another less ridiculous wide Wrangler has been plying off-road excursions for a few years, too. 

As has this double-wide Wrangler. Appearing back in 2013 on the Jeepz Forum, there is still little information advising us as to why someone would weld two Wranglers together. According to Yahoo, the Jeep is the brainchild of a diplomat in Rabat, the capital of Morocco.  

Why did the Wrangler owner do this?

Wide Jeep
Double-wide Jeep Wrangler | Jeepz

Why the owner chose to go wide instead of long is unknown. So we can’t give an answer to why this strange vehicle exists. But the attention it must get surely satisfies the “look at me” part of building oddball vehicles. 

Besides not fitting on roads, which, apparently, is legal in Morocco, it takes up two parking spaces. Hopefully, this doesn’t pose a problem for the owner by surrounding parkers. 

Wide Jeep
Double-wide Jeep Wrangler | Jeepz

If you’re going to modify your Wrangler to extremes, lengthening one is easier, and also closer to being legal, than widening a Wrangler. Not surprisingly, Jeep enthusiasts have approached this in different ways. Some add the length behind the axle, while others choose to add the length in the middle.

This one is widened, but have any been narrowed?

Wide Jeep
Double-wide Jeep Wrangler | Jeepz

This gives more real estate to add another row of seats. So there is some pragmatic approach backing up this type of mod. Then there are those who choose to add another axle making a 6×6 Wrangler. Those choosing to lengthen Wranglers have done so by keeping four doors, while others add two more, creating a six-door Jeep.  

The thing is that Wranglers are popular, plentiful, and have highly enthusiastic owners. With that cocktail, plenty of outliers choose to strut their stuff with oddball Jeeps. And that also means if a Wrangler enthusiast or two want a wider version, there must also be someone wanting a narrower version.

Narrow Jeep
Narrow Jeep Wrangler | rclub/4×4 Pirate

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So we’ll leave this topic with the image of a Jeep narrowed a couple of feet through the middle. And not to overload you with weird Wranglers but we’re sure there are also both shortened and elongated Jeeps out and about. Yes, to each his own.