Weird Watch: GMC Hummer Crab Walk

The upcoming GMC Hummer EV has a load of features. But the one that stands out is the “Crab Mode” or crab walk capability. It utilizes four-wheel steering for nimbleness off-roading. But it can also incorporate Crab Mode to move diagonally from a stop. GMC obviously sees a use for the four-wheel steer to aid parking. But it can come in handy under typical driving conditions.

That’s what we have in this YouTube video from TFL of Michael Fletcher’s original Instagram post. GMC is testing Hummer test mules in the wild, and there have been a lot of sightings of it. This was shot near the Poison Spider Trail in Moab, Utah. 

GMC Hummer crab walk in the wild

These sightings are of test mules without some of their cladding. It exposes some of the unfinished sections of the body that will get covered on production models. And it might be just as well as from the dirt spray it looks like this Hummer mule has seen some off-road use. 

TFL YouTube video of GMC crab walk in the wild

Caught in stop-and-go traffic it shows the weird-looking feature in use. It is something that an observer just wouldn’t expect to see a vehicle doing. And while we don’t expect drivers to utilize the feature that much, it must feel good knowing you can. And so this driver did. 

The Hummer rear wheels can be turned up to 10-degrees

Available to the driver from a stopped position or during very low speeds, the rear wheels can be turned up to 10-degrees. It aids in avoiding obstacles that the rather large Hummer might otherwise have trouble maneuvering around. If there is a downside to the Hummer for off-road use it is its size. 

close up of GMC hubcap
A hubcap for a GMC truck | Getty

The New Hummer EV’s Crab Mode’s Might Be Better On-Road Than Off

The unique ability to crab walk is just part of the $112,595 Hummer package. Spending that much dough should bring the buyer a few unique options to impress friends and neighbors. Though mostly unnecessary, its unique and unexpected ability to move diagonally is a hat trick. Another slick feature is the ability for the Hummer to raise up an additional six inches to clear large rocks and brush. 

Reservations for the first edition have already sold out

Hummers will be hitting GMC showrooms in 2023. Reservations for the first edition have already sold out. Models with fewer features will be available later in 2023 for around $90,000, and in 2024 an even lower-priced version will hit the dealers priced at around $80,000. But GM wants those loaded Hummers built first because that’s where the most profit is found. 

The Hummer is being built on GM’s Ultium platform which gives the Hummer a range of about 400-miles. Ultium vehicles can be charged for 100-miles of range in under 10 minutes. Zero-to-60 times are 3.5 seconds. Super Cruise hands-free driving capabilities are also part of the extensive Hummer features.