This Weird Saab Used a Corvette Engine

The automotive world is filled with weird collaborations that lead to some interesting SUVs and other vehicles. Before Saab filed for bankruptcy in 2011, General Motors had a controlling stake in the brand. And let’s just say Saab went from being a quirky Swedish brand to essentially just rebadged GM vehicles. This partnership led to an LS2-powered Saab SUV that offered all-wheel drive and legitimate power. Meaning it borrowed its engine from the Chevy Corvette. It was known as the Saab 9-7X Aero, and it would not be surprising if you have never heard of it. 

What is the Saab 9-7X?

The Saab 9-7X was introduced in 2004, and it was built on the GMT360 platform. Because of this, it shared a large number of components with vehicles like the Chevy TrailBlazer and GMC Envoy. While the standard engine options included the 4.2-liter Vortec inline-six and 5.3-liter Vortec V8, there was a more potent powerplant available. The 6.0-liter LS2 V8. 

The LS2 is the same engine found in the Chevy Corvette from 2005 to 2007. And it is absolutely insane to imagine a Saab getting the same engine. But, the Swedish car company did, and it was meant to be a luxury version of the TrailBlazer SS. 

How powerful is the 6.0-liter LS2 engine?

In terms of power output, the LS2 engine in the Saab 9-7X Aero made 390 horsepower and 395 pound-foot of torque. And for a vehicle of this size, those are both pretty ample numbers. The 9-7X Aero also offered standard AWD, and had a 0 to 60 mph time of around five seconds. Making this Saab one of the quickest that was ever produced. 

A Saab 9-7X shows off its unique styling as an SUV, underneath it's really just a TrailBlazer.
Saab 9-7X Aero | IFCAR

Unfortunately, an American-built SUV from a Swedish company was likely destined for failure. The introduction of the Aero trim was not enough to save the 9-7X. By 2009, GM sold less than 2,000 units. And subsequently, it was discontinued. Never to be seen again. 

Should you buy a used Saab?

If you are interested in a vehicle that stands out, a Saab is certainly going to do the trick. But once GM took over majority ownership, the weirdness of Saab really started to dwindle. If you step inside a model from this era, you can see GM parts used almost everywhere. And to some, that will likely be a bit of a disappointment. 

A Saab 9-7X sits on the street, its engine is borrowed from a Corvette.
Saab 9-7X Aero | Guillaume Vachey

But, if you want an SUV with an LS2 engine and don’t want the TrailBlazer SS, the Saab 9-7X Areo has more luxury features. Plus, you will get to enjoy Swedish badging. Even if there is no hiding this model’s Chevy roots. 

A quick search on AutoTempest does reflect the rarity of the Saab 9-7X Aero. At the time of publishing, there are only a few listed for sale. One 2008 9-7X Aero has nearly 100,000 miles on the clock, and the asking price is $16,495. So, this is not necessarily a budget SUV. 

At the same time, you will be getting the power of a legendary V8 engine plus some comfort features that were not found in the TrailBlazer SS. And to some, the price may be worth it.