We Want the Toyota Harrier Instead of the Venza

Toyota is doing some pretty exciting things in 2020, including introducing the all-new Toyota Harrier and announcing the Toyota Venza is coming back. However, the Toyota Harrier is the more appealing option that makes us forget about the Venza. 

What is the Toyota Harrier SUV? 

Back in the day, before Toyota sold vehicles in Japan, they would take a Lexus model and put a Toyota badge on it and boom, the Toyota Harrier was born. However, now Toyota has split the Lexus and Harrier apart to offer a new SUV with a sporty, sleek, and luxury design. 

Toyota Harrier parked on street
Toyota Harrier | Toyota

The 2020 Toyota Harrier looks like it borrowed inspiration from the Mirai fuel cells and Jaguar F-Pace. While it’s currently not available in the United States, it could be here soon. The U.S. filed a trademark for the name in 2018, which is promising. 

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Plus, Toyota announced that the Harrier would be pulled from the Japanese market to enter the worldwide one. Hopefully, America will be included on the list of new countries that receive the Toyota Harrier, but we will have to wait to learn more. 

2021 Toyota Venza on display
2021 Toyota Venza

Toyota Harrier Power 

The Toyota Harrier is longer than the RAV4 but shorter than the Highlander, making it an excellent option in between the two SUVs, like the 2021 Toyota Venza. While the Toyota Venza only has a hybrid powertrain, the Harrier still offers a gas engine. 

The gas engine is a direct injection 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 169 horsepower and 153 lb-ft of torque in the Toyota Harrier. The hybrid motor is a 2.5-liter inline-four option with about 219 horsepower. 

The Toyota Venza comes with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder gas engine paired with three electric motors for 219 horsepower, and a V6 engine option will arrive later. If the Toyota Harrier makes it to the U.S., it may also get a V6 engine. 

2021 Toyota Venza front view
2021 Toyota Venza l Toyota

We believe that the Toyota Harrier would have a lower starting price than the Toyota Venza because it offers a non-hybrid version. Plus, the Toyota Venza comes with electronic all-wheel-drive, while AWD is optional in the Toyota Harrier. 

Toyota Harrier and Venza power 

The Toyota Harrier and the Venza look pretty similar inside and out. They have large faux leather seats, a simple dashboard design, and an infotainment center that rises above the dash. The Toyota Harrier has a wood-paneled interior, while the Toyota Venza has pops of silver. 

Toyota Harrier driving on street
Toyota Harrier | Harrier

The Toyota Venza has more of a luxurious feel for driving around the city, while the Toyota Harrier is designed for a sporty drive. It’s front seats provide the feel of a race car, the shock absorbers provide smooth pedal strokes to feel the wheels, gripping the pavement, and the active steering helps you remain in control around corners. 

The Toyota Venza comes with a 7” infotainment center, but you can upgrade to the 12” system. Plus, Toyota Harrier also comes with an 8” infotainment center that can be upgraded to a 12” system. Both SUVs have similar safety features, but for us, the Toyota Harrier takes the cake. It could be a cheaper option that’s more fun to drive. We hope that it comes to the U.S. soon.