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At this year’s NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Stellantis leaked out some new product information about the 2022 Ram 1500 refresh. Yes, the current Ram truck is hitting the middle of its production cycle and will be tuned up for 2022. Not a completely new model, it is more like a nip and tuck. 

An expected styling refresh will happen for the 2022 models, but Stellantis was mum about what exactly will change. It might be as simple as a grille change or could involve the entire front clip. This, for now, shall remain a wait-and-see subject.

Ram 1500 new Trailer 360 View camera system deviates from other pickups

A 2021 Ram 1500 pickup truck seen towing a boat
2021 Ram 1500 Limited | Stellantis

Ram’s new Trailer 360 View camera system will deviate from those used in pickups like the Ford F-150. According to TFLTruck cameras will be added to what is being towed. The driver can place up to four additional cameras around and on the towing subject.

The Trailer View kit comes with the cameras, camera mounts, cable mounts, added wiring, and a control module. This system works up to 53 feet away from the truck cab. The system will also be available for use on Ram HD trucks, too.

The new 2022 Ram air filtration system uses N95 biofilters

two 2021 Ram TRX go head to head to see if the options make a difference in speed.
Fully optioned 2021 Ram TRX (red) and a base model 2021 Ram TRX (white) | TFL via YouTube

Also new is an air filtration system. Obviously prompted by the pandemic, the new system uses N95 biofilters. This is a huge improvement over previous filtration systems. 

Also, while we expected the Ram Classic to be done this year, it looks like it will be produced at least through 2022. As you know it is the previous version of the Ram 1500, used as a filler because Ram doesn’t have a midsize truck. As the former Ram 150 had its costs amortized years ago, Stellantis can sell this full-size truck for a midsize price. 

Though Ram was also mum about powertrain revisions, we don’t expect much to change for 2022. Certain press briefings have indicated an “electrified” Ram pickup is coming probably for 2023. But all comments have been careful not to say “electric.” 

Where and when an all-electric Ram pickup comes is anyone’s guess

A black 2021 Ram 1500 TRX jumping through the air above a gravel road
2021 Ram 1500 TRX | Ram

From this distinction, we can assume that a hybrid of some sort is the most likely next step for Ram. Where and when an all-electric Ram pickup comes into play is anyone’s guess. But the 2030 cutoff that some states are aiming for to stop new vehicle ICE sales is looming. 

Ram may wait to develop an entirely new platform to accommodate batteries. That could happen by 2026 or sooner if Ram gets it together. But for now, the inevitable picture of switching to all-electric pickup trucks at Ram remains very murky. 


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