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We’ve seen the Ford F-150 Lightning, and we’ve seen the Chevy Silverado EV, but the Ram 1500 EV is still lurking in the dark. After seeing a few 2024 Ram 1500 EV renderings, we hope the new electric pickup truck doesn’t look awkward. 

When will the 2024 Ram 1500 EV come out? 

2024 Ram EV Rendering
2024 Ram EV rendering | SKR Designs

The 2024 Ram 1500 EV is expected to arrive sometime in 2023 for the 2024 model year. Until then, we have to wait while Stellantis teases us with vague images of the LED lights. However, some artists are passing the time by creating renderings. 

It’s fun to imagine what the electric Ram pickup truck could look like, but one rendering by SRK Designs isn’t cutting it. Now, we aren’t saying the rendering looks bad or anything negative. It’s just that we respectfully think Stellantis could design a sleeker-looking model. 

In the rendering, the headlights look larger and a little mismatched with the rest of the truck compared to the official teaser images. The truck bed also looks a bit small, and the towing mirrors are tiny. 

Plus, the hood bumps up with a bubble design that doesn’t seem to be too aerodynamic. The Ram EV could have sharper lines and more proportionate pieces. 

What to expect with the electric Ram 1500 

The 2024 Ram 1500 EV teasers do show an LED headlight design that’s extremely similar to the rendering. The lights are narrow toward the middle of the grille and get wider at the sides. However, they meet the sides of the truck with more curves.

Also, the teasers show a flatter hood with a windshield that has more of an upright angle. The shape of the cab reminds us of the Honda Ridgeline with the way it has a curved shape and flat rear window. 

The fender flares are more pronounced in the teaser images, and they don’t include side mirrors. But the images are about the concept, not the official truck.  

As we wait for the truck to make its debut, it could receive design tweaks and updates. If you want to weigh in on how it looks, then join the Ram Revolution. Stellantis will value your feedback. 

While the truck has a unibody vibe, according to Inside EVs, the truck will ride on the STLA Frame platform for body-on-frame vehicles. 

How much power will the electric Ram pickup truck have? 

The Ram 1500 EV is going electric
The Ram 1500 EV electric truck | Ram

The 2024 Ram 1500 EV is aiming for a range of up to 500 miles. This would leave the Ford F-150 Lightning in the dust with its EPA-estimated 320 miles of range. Also, the Chevy Silverado EV is working toward 400 miles of range. 

We’re still waiting on official specs, but Ram shared that the truck will push past what competitors have announced. It could have more than the Chevy Silverado EV’s 664 hp and 780 lb-ft of torque. 

Plus, if you run out of juice, don’t worry. The fully-electric Ram pickup truck might come with a gasoline range extender to offer additional power. 

Stellantis is waiting for other electric trucks to arrive before releasing the Ram EV. They’re going in for the long play to see what potential problems competitors may have to fix before releasing the electric Ram. This is to make the 2024 RAM 1500 EV the best truck.


The Ram 1500 EV Is Quietly Catching Up