We Found Santa’s Sleigh And It’s For Sale!

Who knew that Santa actually had a sleigh and that it’s now for sale! These images raise all kinds of questions and answers some we’ve been wondering about forever. Like why did he start with a Chevy Chevette? We’ll get to all of that but first, we have found Santa’s sleigh-trike and it is actually for sale.

Santa needs lots of room for all of the toys

Santa’s Trike-Sleigh | Facebook

Santa needs lots of room for all of the toys he has in his sack and that hacked off Chevy Chevette back-half holds a lot. Why is it all painted this Earwax Brown instead of red and/or green we may never know? It remains one of the mysteries of the universe, we guess? The wispy flamed stickers bonked onto the body and footwell scream Merry Christmas to us. 

That black frame it is all hung together on looks to be 2×4-inch steel tubing that is homemade and custom specifically for this most special ride. The colorful amber lights running along both sides under the engine are a nice, cheery touch. It needs to be strong to handle all of the weight it carries one night a year. Why it ended up being so long is another mystery.

And speaking of the engine, from the distributor up front we know it’s a small-block Ford. The trick chrome air cleaner and valve covers scream “custom.” So does the chrome shroud hung on the radiator. Chrome is always good and the more the better. The clean exhaust headers dump into a long, chrome resonator that has a motorcycle vibe to it. 

The red velvet-like upholstery goes nicely with Baby Poop Brown paint

Inside a steering wheel obviously wouldn’t do. It needs handlebars to carry the trike theme through. As we don’t see any link or cables tying the front forks to the handlebars we’ll guess it is as well crafted and thought out as the rest of the sleigh-trike. We do see the red velvet-like upholstery which always goes nicely with Baby Poop Brown.

In the rear, it was a good idea to keep the stock locomotive bumper. You know, in case the Grinch tries to rear-end poor Santa. Keeping the stock Chevette taillights, however, would have been a bad idea. Instead, the latest in LED light technology has been incorporated. Please disregard the passenger-side lights being a bit wonky. 

Peeking out from below the rear is a GM 10-bolt rear end with more chrome in the form of a cover. We also see a stabilizer bar to handle those hard turns and difficult maneuvers necessary for avoiding chimneys, telephone wires, and 747s. It’s also a big advantage having that big hatchback with a working door. 

Santa’s trike-sleigh is available on Facebook Marketplace in Toledo

Santa’s Trike Sleigh | Facebook

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The best news may be that you don’t have to figure out how to get to the North Pole to buy this slick trick trike sleigh. It’s available on Facebook Marketplace in the Toledo, Ohio, area. Why Santa chose to drop it off there is one of those many mysteries. Maybe it broke down there and he left it? 

For the asking price of $10,000, it might be the buy of the century. Actually owning Santa’s trike-sleigh should have made it much more valuable than 10 big ones. But Santa’s loss is your gain. And right before Christmas is the perfect time to get some Jingle Bell fun in before the holidays are over.