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Watching the years of grit and grime melt away from this beautiful 1963 Lincoln Continental is so satisfying. There is the obvious satisfaction of seeing something go from haggard to beautiful, but there is also something meditative and deeper about a transformation like this. 

1963 Lincoln Continental gets washed after 30 years
Lincoln Continental car wash | YouTube: AMMO NYC

Maybe we are just feeling the objective goodness of seeing a classic car, this beautiful, getting put right after 30 years of neglect. It also sparks our child-like desire to discover a lost and forgotten barn find classic. No matter the reason, it is nice to find so much satisfaction in restoration. 

What happened to this 1963 Lincoln Continental? 

pulling a 1963 Lincoln Continental barn find out of an old chicken coop
1963 Lincoln Continental barn find | Youtube: Ammo NYC

This fantastic American classic was left unattended in a literal chicken coop for 27 years, according to The Drive. The three sons of the Lincoln’s owner decided to unearth their dad’s old Continental and pass it over to Larry Kosilla of Ammo NYC to give it its first wash in 27 years. 

Why is this old red Lincoln so special to the family? Rewind to Mother’s Day 1995. This was the last time the Zlotnicks’ 1963 Lincoln Continental moved without someone else’s help. Unfortunately, brothers Mike, Greg, and Pete had lost their mother, and Mr. Zlotnick piled his boys into Continental to visit their mother’s grave, and on the way home, they were pulled over.

The Lincoln was pulled over for having the wrong plates, and then the officer found out the car was registered or insured. The car was then towed home because it wasn’t road legal. This marked the last time the Continental would run under its own power. 

What does it take to restore a car that hasn’t been washed in 27 years? 


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The brothers sent their dad away for a round of golf. Once he was gone, the boys set to getting the Lincoln unstuck from its smelly tomb. The paint had faded, tires dry rotted, and the chrome as dull as life insurance seminar. 

Once they got the Continental out, they towed it to the Ammo shop. The first step was just a good ol’ fashioned car wash. The first wash was to remove the physical debris, like mouse poop, dust, dirt, and other particles. The next step was to treat the oxidized single-stage paint and later do a second deeper wash with special attention paid to the top and chrome parts.

Although the exterior looked rough, the Lion’s share of the work lay in the interior. After vacuuming out all the acorns, mouse poop, and mold, Kosilla called upon his trusty steam cleaner for the seats, door panels, and dashboard. The fine detail work required a small brush and microfiber cloth. The seats were beyond saving due to the age and wear, but Kosilla still cleaned and conditioned them the best possible.

Kosilla didn’t do any engine work, but he did clean the engine compartment, setting the stage for whoever would eventually restore the charming classic car. 

How long does it take to wash a car like this? 

Kosilla and his crew spent four days scrubbing, buffing, vacuuming, waxing, chiseling, chewing, probably any other verb you could conjure to get this land ship back (or as close as they could) to its former beauty. 

Between the decades of ownership, sentimental value, and the colossal cleaning, something tells me that the Zlotnicks will keep this 1963 Lincoln Continental for a long time to come.