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Have you been curious about what happens when you drop a pickup truck from a helicopter at 10,000 feet? Neither had we. But these YouTubers, as YouTubers are prone to do, needed a hook for their site So, they put this Toyota HiLux pickup through ever-more stringent tests, to prove if it is really a tough truck.

How do you drop a Toyota HiLux pickup from 10,000?

The WhistlinDiesel crew takes this madness in stages. First, they drop the pickup 500 feet from a helicopter. But before that, there is a lot of needless filler to stretch out the drama. The weight in the truck is at the front so there is just enough time for the pickup to go headfirst into the ground. 

By all appearances, this results in bending the frame and compressing the front end as the truck landed on its grille. As an aside, the YouTubers claim that renting this helicopter cost them $100,000 per minute which, of course, it doesn’t. 

The 10,000 ft drop takes about 30 seconds to hit the ground

Toyota HiLux hanging from helicopter
Dropping a Toyota HiLux from 10,000 ft | WhislinDiesel

Filming from a second helicopter the pickup is taken back up by the first helicopter to 10,000 feet. Once released the HiLux begins to spin faster as it descends. Dropping takes about half a minute. Spoiler alert: the results are nasty.

It basically flattens the truck like a pancake. What would you expect? The YouTubers claim they’ll pry the hood up and see if it will start up. This will either prove or disprove that a Toyota HiLux is a tough truck. At least according to the WhistlinDiesel dudes. 

Is there something else we would rather have seen them do with this pickup?

Aftermath ofDropping a Toyota HiLux from 10,000 ft
Dropping a Toyota HiLux from 10,000 ft | WhislinDiesel

While not especially worth much or intrinsic, it does feel like a complete waste of a useful vehicle. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but we guess one has to go to these extremes to get views. We’re sure this will do that. 

We’re all suckers for a little bit of mayhem. If you are too, then you’ll probably enjoy this.

closeup of aftermath ofDropping a Toyota HiLux from 10,000 ft
Dropping a Toyota HiLux from 10,000 ft | WhislinDiesel

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