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We don’t know what the circumstances were for this to happen, but what appears to be Tesla workers just posted a walk-around of a Cybertruck prototype. Nothing was left unturned, so you can see it all in overall and detail shots. Pay special note of the controversial windshield wiper that everyone is losing their s**t about. (We don’t see what the big deal is.)

Everyone is commenting about the Cybertruck windshield wiper

As to the wiper, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has even expressed reservations in the past. He suggested the wiper be stored in the frunk, then (we guess) pulled out and attached if needed. What Tesla has seems a far better solution than slogging out into the snow or rain, but we digress.

This video showed up in a post on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum. What we notice is that overall, the prototype looks smaller than what we saw back in 2019, and what Musk and Jay Leno drove in one of Leno’s segments. It could be just an illusion, but that’s how it looks nonetheless. 

Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

Also, there are no door handles. Based on what the person manning the camera says, a keycard, or even your phone, can be placed on the door and it will open. A sensor would be buried in the door that picks up the signal, like many credit cards and ApplePay does now. 

There are some minor changes from the Cybertruck debut in 2019

A gray Tesla Cybertruck has its headlights on.
A gray Tesla Cybertruck has its headlights on | Tesla

Other subtle differences are the softer front end in plan view and less angular front bumper. Also, the apex of the top looks proportionally slightly higher than in the 2019 version. Again, some of this could just be how it was filmed or the camera’s proximity to the truck, but that is what we see. 

We should know more about Tesla’s timetable for Cybertruck production and initial deliveries tomorrow. An earnings call will take place then, which Musk takes opportunities to occasionally drop bombshells, or at least production updates. That in itself makes this “leaked” video look more strategic than it is labeled. 

As you already know, the Cybertruck was supposed to begin to reach customers by now. But a number of delays have now pushed production back to the first part of 2023. This has been the typical launch of new Tesla vehicles. Targets are set, then pushed back. This too may be strategic, but we think that, at least in the Cybertruck’s case, projections are affected by the mess surrounding the pandemic. 

With every aspect of the Cybertruck being new, there were expectations that production would be delayed

Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

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That, and everything about this is new, including the assembly plant, and the vehicle itself. But we do expect to see more prototypes floating around as production nears. At this point, everything should be firmed up engineering and design-wise. Now it is a matter of sending out mules as proof of concept. 

Even detractors are anxious to see the Cybertruck on the road. You can’t get a definitive feel for any vehicle until you see it moving on a road, blending in with the surroundings. Hopefully, by this time next year, that will be a reality.