Watch This Land Rover Discovery Tow A Train

I’ve never been a big fan of the Land Rover brand myself, but I can’t deny how far their team will go to prove how capable their cars really are. A few weeks ago, I had learned about the Dragon Challenge taken on by the Land Rover Sport PHEV, and I have to say I was left in awe. Land Rover might be known for having nightmare-inducing reliability problems and being a mechanic’s worst day in the shop, but there is still a lot to be said about the Land Rover brand itself. Don’t believe me? Watch this Land Rover Discovery tow an actual railroad train.

Land Rover Discovery proves it is capable

The Land Rover brand has established itself as one of the most capable off-road vehicles you can find. We’ve all seen videos of the Discovery tackling muddy off-road terrain, and even rock climbing like Jeep Wranglers do. They are comfortable options for overlanding, or even some trail driving, without sacrificing your standard on-pavement experience. There are so many reasons that people love the Land Rover lineup, and the Discovery is one of their most popular options. But is it really capable of accomplishing some crazy feats of towing ability?

A Land Rover driving through a puddle
A Land Rover Discovery TD5 driving through muddy puddles | National Motor Museum/Heritage Images

Even capable of towing a train?

In 2016, Land Rover set to the task of creating a challenge so difficult that it could do nothing but prove how capable their cars are. On a rural road in Switzerland, the team at Land Rover strapped three luxury train carriages to the back of a Discovery to see if it was truly capable of towing large capacities. According to Land Rover, the total weight of the carriages was around 110 tons, reportedly enough to equate to a Boeing 757 airplane. But that isn’t the coolest part.

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Would something like that take extensive engineering?

For the team at Land Rover, it didn’t mean much if the Discovery was only able to tow the train after being extensively modified. The engineers had decided to only change what was necessary to properly attach the train to the vehicle, and tried to leave the SUV as original as possible. Not only was the Discovery able to pull move the train, but it was also able to pull the train carriages across the Rhine River across a 935-foot bridge.

2019 Land Rover Discovery
2019 Land Rover Discovery | Land Rover

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Whether this video makes you want to run out and test drive a Land Rover Discovery or not, it is still pretty cool. Watching any SUV pull a 110-ton railroad train is impressive, and for a brand that many people already love, it just makes it that much better. For the car to be as original as possible really proves the car’s ability to tow, and even though your chances of ever needing to tow that much weight are borderline non-existent, it is still an incredible accomplishment by the team at Land Rover.