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Telsa makes some of the safest electric vehicles on the market. For instance, a Model 3 recently protected its occupant when a large tree fell onto it in China. Compared to industry standards, that kind of roof strength has made the Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model Y forgiving in rollover accidents. Still, there is one ace up the EV’s sleeve that might keep you from rolling over in the first place. 

Does the Model Y rollover?

Believe it or not, the Tesla Model Y is inherently resistant to rollovers. That doesn’t mean that the car can’t roll over; it means that the car is more resistant to tumbling than other cars with more conventional construction. In the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s (IIHS) testing, the Model Y, similar to the Model X and Model 3, performed well in a simulated side-impact designed to roll the vehicle over. 

How does the Tesla Model Y prevent rollovers?

The Model Y defies the forces that typically roll a vehicle over using its balance. Tesla and many electric marques build EVs by storing heavy battery packs down low. It resembles a sort of skateboard chassis, with battery packs low and horizontal and wheels out to the corners. Further, the battery packs are hefty, meaning the vehicle’s center of gravity is relatively low. 

As a result, when energy is applied to the side of the vehicle to simulate a rollover, the Model Y will often right itself using the weight distribution. According to Car and Driver, the Model Y has a curb weight of 4,386 lbs, a significant heft to help keep the EV upright. That’s helpful, considering that early SUVs were synonymous with rollover risk due to their taller height and higher center of gravity. 

The Tesla Model Y, like this one, is one of the safest EVs on the market.
Tesla Model Y | Tesla

Is the Tesla Model Y safe? 

Like the Tesla Model 3, the Model Y is a very safe EV. According to the IIHS, the Tesla EV earned a Top Safety Pick+ rating, the highest that the agency awards. Furthermore, the Model Y earned “good” ratings in every crashworthiness category. While “good” may seem underwhelming, it still constitutes the highest rating the IIHS will give. 

Maybe they’d get more expressive with a funny hat day or something. All joking aside, the ratings are an essential indicator of the vehicle’s performance in a crash. 

The Tesla Model Y refuses to rollover, and is one of the safest EVs on the market.
Tesla Model Y | Tesla

Should you buy a Tesla?

According to Car and Driver, the Model Y is an excellent purchase for EV shoppers that want a Model 3 with more cargo volume and interior space. However, they also state that consumers who don’t need a Tesla might be more fulfilled by EV SUVs from other marques. Given the Model Y’s safety scores and dual-motor offerings, it would be difficult to top the rollover-resistant Tesla. 

However, if you’re looking for a more affordable option from a well-established automaker, you could consider the Volkswagen ID.4. The Volkwagen EV is considerably less expensive, around $20,000 less. So if you don’t want a Tesla, there are options out there. Scroll down to the following article to read more about Teslas!


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