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With the help of Tesla’s onboard “TeslaCam” data, you can sometimes see some wild videos posted online. This one falls under that category for sure. But it also raises a frightening development. Despite being involved in two separate simultaneous crashes with two trucks, this Tesla Model X’s airbags didn’t deploy. How could this be?

The crash started with a box truck rear-ending the Tesla. With the force of that crash, it was then shoved into the back of a semi-trailer. The box truck had made an attempt to squeeze between the Tesla and semi. 

The driver of the truck that crashes into the Tesla had a suspended license

With poor weather and slick roads, the box truck’s brakes couldn’t keep it from slamming the Tesla when it was apparent the driver misjudged how much space he had. It was traveling over 50 mph at the time of impact. Oh, and the driver was driving with a suspended license. 

The crumple zones in the Model X did their jobs as the interior looks relatively intact. So the area ahead of the driver absorbed the energy from the crash quite well. But the driver blacked out from hitting his head on the steering wheel. There was also a passenger who received minor injuries. according to whambamteslacam. 

Similar Tesla crashes have resulted in almost no injuries

2 crash Tesla Model X
2 crash Tesla Model X | YouTube

The driver came to just as he was being wheeled into an ambulance. That’s when a police officer told him that his airbags didn’t deploy. The driver and his passenger both received neck and shoulder injuries. Had the airbags deployed, experts say they would probably have walked away from the crash without so much as a scratch. 

Of course, the Model X was deemed totaled by the insurance company. Adding insult to injury, the insurance company offered the driver $25,000 less than the replacement costs. Needless to say, with that kind of offer some court time is in the future. But we digress.

After recovering, the driver contacted Tesla by email without any response. Calling the company the Tesla representative would not comment for liability reasons. So Tesla might or might not be aware of what happened. 

This Tesla protected both the driver and passenger

2 crash Tesla Model X damage
2 crash Tesla Model X | YouTube

Whether they are or not they can’t be sued for how poorly the car sustained the crash because it did its job. But an investigation should be conducted to find out if the lack of airbag deployment was from an issue with the airbag or from something else. 

Regardless, having videos from those TeslaCams give multiple views of anything happening around the car. Whether someone is trying to break into it, or the car is involved in a crash. 


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