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It’s certainly no secret that a Porsche 911 GT3 is an expensive car. Additionally, many cars have a plethora of extremely expensive options on their build sheet. One of the pricier options for the Porsche lineup is the company’s Paint to Sample offerings. This allows customers to custom order a car with over 160 color options. It does, however, come at a hefty price.

This 911 is the first 992 generation car to get this paint color

Porsche Paint to Sample 992 911 GT3 getting Gold Bronze Metallic custom paint job for Leh Keen
Spraying Gold Bronze Metallic | Porsche

Porsche recently put out this press release showing the in-depth process of creating a paint-to-sample car. This particular 911 GT3 is a special-order car that Leh Keen, a professional Porsche Carrera Cup driver, purchased for himself. This is Keen’s first brand-new Porsche purchase, so he decided to go all-out with a Paint to Sample finish.

Keen wanted to keep the spirit of classic Porsche alive with his new purchase. After all, he has a handful of classic Porsche vehicles kicking around, including a couple of off-road-ready variants. So, a vintage-esque color on a modern Porsche was his decision.

“I wanted to have this newest, modern 911 but then coated with a very classic old color,” Keen told Porsche. “I told a few people I was going to go gold. People thought it was risky, and it really reinforced my choice, and I wanted to see how it would turn out. I think a lot of people couldn’t quite picture the gold in their head.”

The color undoubtedly works on this chassis, though. In a recent Porsche Youtube video, you can see just how well it works firsthand as the entire painting process is outlined in a timelapse video.

The video shows the 911 chassis skirting through the factory during its assembly. Once the chassis is ready for paint, it gets dipped in special paint to prevent corrosion. Afterward, the car makes its way into the paint booth, where it’s sprayed with primer and then coated in its final color.

How much does Porsche Paint to Sample cost?

Leh Keen driving his 2022 Porsche 911 GT3 in custom Gold Bronze Metallic paint on race track
The finished gold GT3 | Porsche

According to Car and Driver, ordering a Paint to Sample finish on a GT car like Keen’s GT3 costs $12,830. So, if you’re ordering a car with one of these custom finishes, you’d best be sure it’s one you’ll like!

However, this isn’t even Porsche’s most expensive paint finish. In addition to this program, Porsche offers Paint to Sample Plus, which allows customers to select any color they want from just about anything. So long as it passes Porsche’s rigorous feasibility testing, the company will add it to the available lineup of Paint to Sample colors. It certainly comes at a cost, though. Paint to Sample Plus on a Turbo or GT model costs a cool $25,660, and it takes nearly a year for the testing to be complete.

While the Paint to Sample program is quite spendy, it does offer Porsche buyers the chance to make their already sought-after vehicle a bit more unique. Boris Apenbrink, Head of Vehicles at Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, said that Keen’s car is only the 24th ever ordered in Gold Bronze Metallic and is the first 992 Porsche 911 to receive the color.

As you can see, this color does suit the GT3 quite nicely. Now, Keen has a 992 GT3 unlike anyone else in the world!


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