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A pit bull terrier viciously attacked a Tesla Model 3 with the owner and her dog inside. While that seems rather crazy, the images and short videos speak for themselves. There are teeth marks and dents in the body apparently from the dog clawing at the car. They look more like a bear attack than that of a dog. In the melee, the pit bull also yanked out the weatherstripping around the driver’s door. 

Couldn’t the Tesla owner drive away?

Tesla attack
Tesla pit bull attack | TikTok

“I couldn’t believe him eating my car up,” said TikTokker @toodiesangelxx. A subsequent video shows a policeman standing by his patrol car as the dog continues to move around the car. It would seem that it was after the woman’s dog. Or maybe it had a problem with the Tesla. 

The question that comes to mind is why she didn’t just drive away. Then, she could call in the damage to the insurance company. And another question is why the policeman didn’t try to contain the dog once he arrived. There must have been some weird planet alignment. Or a full moon causing all of this questionable conduct by both man and beast. 

How did the Tesla attack start?

“The attack started outside because he didn’t have the collar on,” the woman said. “I was able to run to my car with my dog and close the door, but he got my window before I could get it up.” Later, speaking to a newsperson, she explained she was also attacked by the dog and received scratches on her back. 

Unfortunately, there is a myriad of reasons why any dog, not just pit bulls, flips on a dime and gets aggressive. It could be from pain or an undiscovered injury. Sometimes illnesses can affect the dog’s brain. 

In many cases of pit bulls attacking their owners, other people, or dogs, it can be from lack of training or being trained to be aggressive. But the reality is that it will be hard to determine why this particular dog went on the Tesla attack. 

What happened to the dog after the attack?

We do know that the dog was not quarantined or put down. And the dog’s owner offered to pay the woman’s medical and car repair expenses, though insurance would probably cover it. Those expenses may be the cheapest part of this dog attack if the woman decides to sue the owner. 

Pti bull
Pit bull bears its teeth for attack | Yvonne Hemsey/Liaison via Getty

It is unknown what the circumstances were for the dog to be running around unleashed. But that could be a basis for filing a lawsuit. Let’s hope that the woman gets reimbursed for her expenses and trouble. And also that the dog gets some training to thwart aggressive Tesla attacks.