Watch: Man Sells Melons From Frunk Of His Ferrari

Well, this is one way to increase your melon sales. The owner of this Ferrari 488 GT in Vietnam has increased his melon sales selling them from the car’s frunk. We’re not kidding. When people see his Ferrari coming down the street they flock to it supercharges his sales. But how can selling melons support a new Ferrari?

Is this Ferrari melon vendor for real?

Phony Ferrari Melon Vendor with crowd
Phony Ferrari Melon Vendor | YouTube

It can’t. And this “Ferrari” really isn’t one. It is homemade by Vu Van Nam who has his own channel on YouTube. His schtick is selling melons from the frunk of what looks like a red Ferrari 488 GT. He saw how large the frunk was and decided to put it to good use. Since it could hold dozens of melons, he could use his homemade Ferrari as a delivery truck. 

The narrow streets of this province make for blasting around in a fake Ferrari a tight fit. So you don’t need the power of a 3.9-liter V8 with 661 hp as the 488 GT has. But a red Ferrari can always be guaranteed to generate a crowd. Van’s entrepreneurial savvy found a use for his phony Ferrari. 

We don’t know how Van made his homemade Ferrari?

There is no information on how Van made the car. We don’t know if there are phony Ferrari bodies floating around the dark web? Or if he created a plug, pulled a mold from it, and then a body? But it looks convincing enough in the video. 

Phony Ferrari with crowd around open frunk full of melons
Phony Ferrari Melon Vendor | YouTube

Ferrari can’t do much about making a one-off and selling melons from it

What we do know is that Ferrari protects its intellectual property like no other manufacturer. It has sought lawsuits over many of what it considers infringements on its trademarks, designs, and name. But it can’t do much about someone making a one-off and selling melons from it. And even if it could, what would it expect to get in punitive damages from a melon vendor in Vietnam? 

We will say that if Van has the ability to make a homemade vehicle that looks this good he’s in the wrong business. Instead of doing schtick on YouTube, he should be making more cars. Or at least consider more artistic creations. Then find a good agent to hawk whatever he’s wrought. Anyway, now you can say you’ve seen a street vendor in Vietnam selling melons from the frunk of a new Ferrari.

Phony Ferrari driving down narrow Vietnamese street
Phony Ferrari Melon Vendor | YouTube

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