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When you watch the surveillance video of the teenager doing donuts in a Louisiana intersection in his Camaro, you’re left with a certain impression. You see that, while surely illegal, it wasn’t violent, no traffic was involved, and no harm was done. It was as benign as doing donuts in an empty intersection can be. So why was this teen with his 1999 Camaro having some fun, arrested?

Does doing donuts demand an arrest?

Louisiana teen doing donuts
Louisiana teen doing donuts | Facebook

With everything going on in the country, why did doing donuts warrant an arrest? We don’t want to lead you. But look, it’s 2021. There is a lot of crime going on that warrants arrest. And that is what we expect from our police. It keeps things squeaky clean and keeps us all safe. 

But this, based on responses to the Saint John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Department posting of this on their Facebook page, was an outrageous act by the department. We are not judging one way or the other. We’re going from the comments that you can see for yourself on Facebook. 

This happened on a Monday afternoon with slightly wet streets. Some even surmised that the Camaro was a V6 and needed the wet to make donuts. Anyway, once at the intersection and with no cars in sight, 18-year-old Jamal Edwards put on his hazard lights. 

Somebody somewhere was watching the donuts being done

Louisiana teen doing donuts
Louisiana teen doing donuts | Facebook

Approaching the intersection, he begins doing his donuts in a rather mild-mannered clip. When a car comes to the intersection he straightens his Camaro out and heads off into the distance. Somebody somewhere was watching. 

And whoever it was they called the Sheriff. Later he was arrested for the charge of reckless operation of a vehicle. His information was posted on St. John’s website, with a $1,000 fine as his burden. 

So, now we invite you to peruse the comments accompanying the website posting. Granted, the place to do this is at a track under controlled conditions. Public streets are no place for shenanigans. Still, did this warrant an arrest?

Fined $1,000 seems fair for doing donuts on a public street

Louisiana teen doing donuts
Louisiana teen doing donuts | Facebook

Most of the posters say no. Far be it for us to judge, but we think that in 2021 this doesn’t look like it is something that someone should be arrested over. The fine? Fine with us. It will be a difficult reminder that Jamal will think about the next time he considers doing something illegal on Louisiana streets. 

But it does serve as a warning. At least for those considering blowing through St. John the Baptist Parish. Watch your speed, follow the law, and don’t start doing donuts. You never know who is watching. 


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