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Some detailing videos are satisfying to watch; others will put you off your lunch. Unfortunately, the latest AMMO NYC detailing video falls into the latter category. Watch Larry Kosilla detailing a disaster Fiat after 38 years of neglect and remember, drive your cars.

The story of the Ammo NYC detailed FIAT 124 Spyder

For those of you who don’t know, Larry Kosilla is a one-man detailing brand called Ammo NYC. Over the years, Larry has cultivated a reputation for excellence thanks, in part, to his YouTube presence. Larry’s latest detailing disaster is a 1984 Fiat 124 Spyder that has been sitting untouched since 1984.

As expected, the car is covered with caked-on dust and dirt from years of neglect. Unfortunately, oxidized paint and cloudy windows are the least of this car’s concerns. Instead, it’s what’s inside that makes this a true disaster detail.

The exterior is messy but salvageable

At first, this disgusting detail seems pretty straightforward. The exterior has been neglected, but other than some dirt baked into the seams and oxidized paint, this little Fiat cleans up pretty quickly. Even the soft convertible top is in good shape. Overall, the 124 is in great shape for something that’s been sitting for so long.

However, there are some hints at what is to come once Larry pops the hood. A treasure trove of acorn shells and brown stains means that some rodents have made a home inside this Italian treasure.

Powerwashing this area made quite a mess on its own. In the video you can see the AMMO NYC floor coated in dirt and mouse residue. It’s here where the extent of the problem begins to show. Each rinse washed more mouse droppings and urine from the vehicle.

The inevitable disaster detail mouse hunt

As you’d expect from a car that’s sat around for nearly 40 years, this 1979 Fiat 124 Spyder has some issues inside. Of course, there is some surface mold from moisture build-up over time. Worse yet, a family of mice has made a home for themselves in this little Italian convertible.

Larry’s hunt starts up front, where clear evidence of a mouse infestation kicks off a hunt for a nest somewhere in the car. After checking the usual suspects, like the airbox and glove compartment, Larry heads to the back seat to continue cleaning the cabin. Upon moving the rear seat back, the extent of this detailing disaster becomes clear.

Worse yet, mouse urine soaked the rear seat cushions, to the point where they leaked all over the garage floor overnight. It’s truly one of the worst interior details we’ve ever seen, and we certainly don’t envy Kosilla’s task. Pounds of urine and mouse droppings littered the entire area, and boy are we glad that smell-o-vision doesn’t exist.

This Fiat 124 is just like the model in the latest AMMO NYC detailing disaster
Fiat 124 Spyder | Getty Images

The lesson of this detailing disaster? Drive your cars!

While 38 years is an extreme scenario, it takes just a few weeks for mice to find a home inside your car. Not only is this a nightmare to deal with, but you can be chasing issues from chewed wires, hidden moisture, and even illnesses for years once these rodents make a home in your car.

Even if you store your car indoors, try to drive it often enough that rodents can’t get comfortable. After all, cars are meant to be driven, and rodent infestation is just one of the many problems that can occur when they’re left sitting for too long. Don’t let your car become a detailing disaster — drive your cars!

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