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We didn’t know Dubai had bears, other than its White Bears hockey league. Oh, and a few in zoos. But if you’ve got the money, if you want a bear you can own one. The same goes for a Lamborghini Huracan Performante. But putting the two together can result in the bear ravaging the Huracan. Or if you’re lucky, it will just rip off a door as you can see here.

The creepy part isn’t the damage inflicted on the Lambo, but the owner’s hilarity over it happening. You see, the owner of the Huracan owns the bear. So it’s just his pet bear having some fun and Arab Sheikh Humaid Abdulla Albuqaish enjoying the playtime. 

I’ll have one Lamborghini Huracan with a bear, please

Lamborghini and bear
Lamborghini and bear in Dubai | Instagram

Albuqaish didn’t stop with just one bear, he has a literal zoo with climate control parked next to his mansion. There are tigers, hyenas, snakes, and this cute baby bear. And sometimes he likes to let them roam around the grounds of his mansion. Hopefully, not all at the same time. 

So the Sheikh comes home, the bear is excited to see him and greets him by snapping off his Huracan’s door. And then the Sheikh has a good laugh. Wouldn’t we all react the same way? 

More Lamborghini Huracan and bear hilarity

Lamborghini and bear i
Lamborghini and bear in Dubai | Instagram

There is more from Shiekh’s Instagram account. He is shown holding the door and laughing some more. What else can you do? Laugh or cry? The Lamborghini is replaceable, which is what we would expect he’s thinking. We doubt he’ll even have the door reattached. He’ll just buy a new one and have this one hauled away. 

In the Middle East, and possibly elsewhere, cars aren’t held up as precious objects. In their culture, when a car gets a few miles on it, even something like an F40 Ferrari, it is just another old clunker. And that’s OK with us. That’s why you see abandoned supercars like Bugattis and Ferraris dirty and wasted out in the desert. Then, there are also the obvious reasons.

The abandoned supercars of Dubai are a curious and famous thing

Roller and bear
Roller and bear in Dubai | Instagram

Some owners spend beyond their means. That’s not a Middle Eastern thing, but that also answers why some exotics are left at the side of the road or in airport parking garages for months. Former owners left town before creditors find them. But part of that abandonment goes back to how those owners look at cars.

The attraction is the same as with all car enthusiasts. They’re sleek, fast, expensive, and exclusive supercars. But that is where it ends for many in the UAE. Why have day-old bread when you can have freshly baked?


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