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There is increasing pressure to convert the world’s transportation to electrification. Some fear classic and enthusiast vehicles will be banned at some point in the near future. We don’t. Still, some want to get with the program and convert their classic vehicle to electric power. That’s where the Zero Labs electric Bronco comes into play.

Zero Labs has its Classic Electric Platform to convert your Bronco classic

Zero Labs electric platform
Zero Labs electric platform | Zero

If you are thinking about electrifying your old Bronco, now you can see how simple it is to accomplish. Zero Labs has what it calls its Classic Electric Platform to convert your classic to electric nirvana. We covered their earlier turn-key Bronco efforts, but that’s a hard sell. Most enthusiasts are into DIY, and so Zero Labs offering to make the conversion for you makes a lot of sense. 

Zero Labs can invest from six months to a year in the rectification of a crusty old Bronco into its turn-key electric offering. Rather than go that route with this build it just swapped out the original chassis and driveline for their own electric platform. Nothing was done to the Bronco cosmetically. 

The platform is a unified, complete platform to make any car electric

The company wants to establish a service where you bring your old heap into their shop in Hawthorne, California. Within a week it is returned to you as an electrified classic. We’re expecting that this could at some point evolve into selling platforms out the door for true DIYers. So far Zero Labs is only saying it does not want to offer this as a “kit.”

Zero Labs electric conversion platform
Zero Labs electric platform | Zero

The conversion in the vid took only 24 hours to accomplish. And it took only basic tools, nothing fancy here. “The results were exhilarating,” CEO and Founder Adam Roe told Carbuzz. “It effortlessly conquered the mountains, rocks, and sand. We had to slam on the brakes at the top of most hills for fear of shooting over the top.

“The drone had a really hard time keeping up at times. It’s hard to describe the experience of being a vehicle in such physically bad shape that performs better than most new gas cars but that’s the point. If we can transform a rusted old classic like this, what can we do for the millions of classics you do love?”

The electric platform works for “SUVs, pickup trucks, muscle cars, and two-door coupes”

Zero Labs electric platform with Bronco body hovering above
Zero Labs electric platform | Zero

The electric platform works the same for “SUVs, pickup trucks, muscle cars, and two-door coupes.” It features an independent front and rear suspension. At the rear is mounted a single 300 hp electric motor, but a 600 hp dual-motor, all-wheel-drive option is also available. 

For the range anxious the platform gives your classic 200 miles range with Level 3 DC fast charging as part of the deal. Upgrades will be available to everyone as Zero Labs makes changes to its software and hardware.


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