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We know this has been a burning question for thousands of Tesla owners. “How do I convert my Tesla into a tank?” That’s a fair question, and we’ve got answers. Actually, we’ve got a video we snagged that shows how two German YouTubers did just that; converting a Tesla Model 3 into a tank. Strange times demand strange transportation, and this is really strange.

Tesla tank
Tesla tank | YouTube

What you’ll see is the progression of converting this pedestrian Model 3 into a chain-driven tank. All six tons of it. Yes, this is no lightweight scooter. With everything being converted to electrification, from Volkswagen Beetles to Porsches, this is one way of doing the same to a whole classification of vehicles, namely, tanks. 

Watch this Tesla tank conversion for yourself

Right off the bat, this beats lifting your Ford F-150 by a large margin. How does 31-inches of ground clearance sound? That, along with the grip of tank tracks means this can conquer just about any terrain short of a vertical face. 

And if it can’t? These enterprising fellows have added a winch with a six-ton capacity. That almost makes this omnipotent, without benevolence. And the good news is that it doesn’t need to handle well. Just point it in the direction you want to go and mash the throttle. It will level anything in its way.

How long did it take to build the Tesla tank?

Tesla tank
Tesla tank | YouTube

This whole escapade took a month to complete. The hard part was constructing the chain-drive tracks. That’s because the chains weighed 1.3-tons. So it isn’t so much about fabricating the conversion, but rather being able to move integral components around. It incorporates 12 coil-over springs to give some wiggle room for the massive chain drive. Plus, it smooths out the bumps. 

It was only a matter of bonking the Model 3 cabin onto the chain drive once the chain drive was completed. What could be easier? Actually, integrating the chain drive to the Tesla’s electric motors took some figuring. When you watch the video you’ll notice that everything is massive, which makes sense when you’re dealing with six tons. 

The Tesla tank builders have invited Elon Musk for a test drive

Tesla tank
Tesla tank chain drive setup | YouTube

With accommodations for four people, the YouTubers are hoping to entice Tesla CEO head Elon Musk to take a spin with them. While it would be entertaining to see his reaction to this whole mess, we doubt he’ll take them up on their offer. 

The pendulum around electric vehicles swings in many different directions. We’ve seen V8-powered Teslas, lifted Teslas for off-road use, Teslas turned into hearses and numerous convertible conversions. But as of now, this one is the winner for sheer insanity. 

However, there is someone out there that will out-crazy this Tesla tank. It’s just a matter of time.


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