Watch: Glass Roofs Blowing Off Tesla Model Y

We knew that Tesla was having trouble with the glass roof panels blowing off of Model X vehicles. But it appears it forgot to replace the glue as it is now happening on Model Ys as well. This poor owner had just purchased his Model Y when it became a convertible while driving it home for the first time. Welcome to Tesla’s quality control. Or, lack thereof. Who knew that the glass roofs would start blowing off Tesla Model Y EVs?

The Reddit user said, “The entire glass roof just blew off.” He described it as hearing “a ton of wind” like a window being rolled down. Except, nobody rolled down a window. About a minute after hearing the noise the roof left the body. “After a brief panic” he decided to call the Highway Patrol to let them know a roof was in the middle of the 580 connecting bridge in the Bay Area.

They returned to the Tesla Service Center they had left only a while before

A man films himself looking at a Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y | Getty

After calling the Highway Patrol they returned to the Tesla Service Center which they had left only a while before. Since there are a lot of Tesla fans there was some dispute as to whether this really happened. So Reddit user “Indescribable” posted the video on YouTube to prove his crazy story.

Now topless back at the Service Center a technician suggested that “either the seal for the roof was faulty or the factory just forgot to seal the roof on.” Scary thought. What else are they forgetting to do on the assembly line?

There have been other issues with windows not sealing in the recent past

Blue Tesla Model Y Driving
Tesla Model Y | Tesla

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There have been numerous other issues with windows being not quite sealed in the recent past. The Model X has experienced leaking windshields around the A-pillars, and we know of at least one Model 3 losing its rear glass at speed. Could this be attributed to the pace at which Tesla is now building vehicles? In its zeal to get those quarterly numbers up is it doing so at the expense of quality?

Tesla’s quality issues seem to be continuously in the news. MotorBiscuit has posted numerous stories of different issues with paint, the “Whompy Wheel” syndrome, and bad panel fit. For the roll, it is on and the price it charges one would think that Tesla had its quality issues fixed. Thankfully there wasn’t a motorcyclist behind this Model Y when it blew its lid.

Maybe Tesla should just make the glass removable and be able to be stored in the trunk? That way it wouldn’t have to worry about adhering to the top but merely seal. Or how about making it retractable so that only half of the glass needs to be glued, with the other half able to slide? Your pals at MotorBiscuit are always here to lend a hand or suggest new ideas.