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At MotorBiscuit, we like to inform readers about the latest in mobility. Whether it is by air, land, or sea, we cover it. So this giant rock you’re looking at is actually not a rock, but a boat. No, we’re not kidding. It is called the L’Invisible Rock Boat.

The rock boat isn’t the first weird boat creation from artist Julien Berthier

Love Boat by artist Julien Birthier
Love Boat by artist Julien Berthier | Berthier

If you saw this out in the ocean, you would avoid it because it looks like a rock. That is, until you see the wake behind it. It is a creation of French artist Julien Berthier, who likes his pleasure craft to be different.

Before the L’Invisible, Berthier created the “Love Boat.” It was a boat made to look like it was sinking. Yeah, we’re not dealing with a normal boat builder here. 

The Love Boat came along in 2010, so it has been over a decade since the artist’s last oceanic endeavor. A boat was cut in half and a new keel was created to allow it to travel under its own power. Even though it looks like it was capsized, it was fully functional.

Berthier’s rock boat raises the question, “Why?”

L'Invisible motor boat
L’Invisible motor boat | Berthier

Berthier’s latest watercraft is a navigable, floating fiberglass rock that is a boat. Now that you know what it is, the big question is, “Why?” Looking at Bertier’s website, it is hard to tell.

He wants viewers to see boat manufacturing, human effects on the environment, and modern life. Plus, a little fun. In some ways, it also makes you wonder why boats aren’t made to blend into the surroundings better. Or not.

Are there commercial possibilities for a rock boat?

L'Invisible motor boat on trailer
L’Invisible motor boat | Berthier

While in theory it is meant to almost disappear when on the water, it must attract a lot of attention. So there’s that whole dichotomy thing going on. For those that like to slide under the radar or water, it actually serves a purpose. There are those that for different reasons need to silently slip onto the coastline without being noticed. This does the trick.

Unfortunately, Berthier doesn’t give us a glimpse of the inside. But we can imagine for ourselves what the inside of our floating rock boat would look like. And we’d need to see out of it, so voids and crags would need to hide windows. 

Or maybe a small section of rock could swing out like a porthole window? Kind of like the driver’s cockpit that hinges up. Maybe a second version could offer that needed feature. 

Movie productions could use this for multi-camera shots at sea

L'Invisible motor boat
L’Invisible motor boat | Berthier

So, while we thought this was just a joke, the more we think about it, the more we see commercial possibilities. Movie productions could use them for ocean filming with multiple camera angles. Movie viewers wouldn’t even notice seeing a big rock in the background of a ship battle.  

Could this be the next big thing in boating? Would you buy one? Should someone latch onto this idea we’ll bring that information to you.


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