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Towing is hard. It is not uncommon to see someone in a big truck towing a big trailer get sideways and catastrophe strike. However, we rarely see it happen at two mph. Towing fails can be very serious and dangerous, but they can also be super funny. Thankfully we have multiple videos showing someone in their Ford Super Duty towing and completely destroying their camper to shreds as they pull it, literally, through the drive-through.

2022 Ford F-350 in the dirt
2022 Ford F-350 | Ford

Did the Ford Super Duty driver forget he was towing a trailer? 

As Ford Authority notes, It is unclear exactly what madness made this Ford Super Duty towing a trailer completely destroy their camper. It clearly isn’t a matter of forgetting about the trailer. The driver took a moment to seem to “think” it through. 

The truck pulls the clearly oversized camper around the corner and immediately makes contact with the awning and the building itself with the camper. The Ford Super Duty towing prowess is well deserved as we see the driver continue to pull his camper quite literally through the poles, awning, curbs, and even the building itself. Something here has snapped, and the driver is only trying to get through the moment. Then comes the smoke and torque, the Ford Super Duty way. 

Clearly, the Ford Super Duty’s towing power is no problem

A Ford Super Duty towing a trailer through the drive through and nearly completely destroyed it.
Ford Super Duty towing mishap | YouTube: RM videos

The Ford Super Duty is showing a pretty candid look at its towing power here. Both videos of the drive-through calamity show the Ford Super Duty expending massive amounts of power while showing the paper-thin construction of the camper. 

We aren’t sure exactly which model and spec this Ford Super Duty is, but it’s fair to assume that it’s got something around 400+ hp and nearly 500 torque. Typically, the drive-through line isn’t the place to demonstrate feats of great horsepower, but these are strange times, indeed. 

Although this person seems to be towing their camper trailer for the first time, they at least knew the right rig to pull with. The Ford Super Duty line has a towing capacity of 12,000-18,000. This camper trailer certainly didn’t even weigh half of that, hence the manhandling we see in the videos. 

The drive through towing disaster continues 

As we see in the second video from behind, the camper gets pretty thrashed in the first collision with the fast-food joint. However, that didn’t seem to be enough for our Ford driver. He takes a brief moment to reassess, back up, and hammer the throttle again. This final act of wild towing comes when the camper hits the building for the second time. 

The camper gets wedged in the corner and the building itself. Since the driver feels the camper might not go any further, he puts his foot down and starts burning tires to get the camper unstuck. 

At this point, the camper is trashed. He has ripped nearly the entire front quarter of the trailer off and into the drive-through, including the propane tank. 

Again, we don’t know what made the Ford driver act such a fool in the drive-through line. Maybe he was new to towing with his Super Duty? Maybe he got stuck and panicked? Or maybe he just really wanted some chicken nuggets? Whatever the reason, remember there are a lot of new people joining the camper world. If you are one such person, remember, going inside the burger joint is probably the better way to go. 


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