Watch How Much Faster a Bugatti Chiron Is Than a Bugatti Veyron; It’s Hard to Believe

The Bugatti Veyron set the motoring world ablaze. Its nearly 1,000 hp and ferocious top speed set it apart from every other automobile ever made. Fast forward a handful of years, and the Bugatti Chiron takes the crown. Although a few increasingly powerful Veryon models were in between, the Chiron tuned up the Veyron Sport with ease. We know the Chiron is faster, but many people don’t know how much faster the Chiron is than the Veyron. Here’s a hint: It’s a lot. 

2009 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport in white
2009 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport | Getty

How much faster is the Bugatti Chiron than the Bugatti Veyron?

As noted by CarScoops, Bugatti launched the Chiron in 2016. By this point, the W16 engine was making 1,479 hp. This power figure represents a nearly 50 percent increase in power over what many believed to be peak supercar potential; clearly, they were wrong. 

It is really hard to compare speed when you cross into this threshold. The CarScoops writer mentions that he had driven both models at different times in life. 

Although he understood the Chiron’s power difference, it is hard to tell the difference between out-of-this-world power and out-of-this-universe power. Once you cross 150 mph, it’s all just fast as Hell. He mentions not really understanding just how much faster than Chiron was. 

Luckily for us, there is a video to demonstrate the difference

If you want to beat a Bugatti Veyron in a drag race, it turns out; you just have to bring a better Bugatti. Well, over at TheStradman’s YouTube channel, they did just that. 

The YouTuber happened to find a Bugatti Chiron roaming the wild in his hometown. After flashing their bright tail feathers at one another, a race was agreed upon at a local airfield. Although our host with the Veyron was fairly certain he would get walked by the greater Bugatti, he still topped off with 93-octane fuel for hopes it would help. It did not. 

There’s gonna be a Bugatti showdown

Red Bugatti Chiron parked next to a field
Bugatti Chiron | PATRICK HERTZOG / AFP) PATRICK HERTZOG/AFP via Getty Images

As the two cars line up, the Veyron owner seems excited but realistic. The flags drop, and for so much horsepower, the two get off to a lack-luster start. However, once the two cars passed the 80-mph mark, it became clear that the Veyron showed up to the fight with a knife, and the Chiron had napalm. 

Before the Veyron could even have a chance to feel a part of the race, the Bugatti Chiron was gone. G.O.N.E. GONE! 

The Bugatti Chiron ain’t no joke

Even though we all knew exactly how this race was going to go, it is still astounding that a Bugatti Veyron  – a car with nearly 1,000 hp could get beat this badly by anything, much less another car. 

It goes to show that progress in the supercar world is moving at blinding speeds. Within only a handful of years, Bugatti destroyed what was the fastest car in the world. The Chiron is so dominant over the Veyron that it looks like a Toyota Camry racing a Ferrari. It is dramatic. 

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