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What we have here is a failure to judge distance. Or better; a failure to drift. And as can happen when inexperience, a crowd, and a vehicle combine, stuff happens. But not what the owner of this blue Chevy Silverado pickup was planning.

The drifting Silverado barely misses this spectator

Instead, you can watch the video to see him misjudge the parking lot island, and the spectator standing on it. Sliding righteously into the island with the truck’s tail hanging out, Mr. Drifty comes within inches of plowing into the spectator. Then, he munches the passenger side rear tire so hard against the curb it snaps off the tire, wheel, and brake assembly.

You can hear what’s left of the axle stub spinning around in the bent rear end housing. And the tire being scrapped trapped between the asphalt and truck. Then there’s quiet, right before the rest of the spectators in the lot come over to witness the witless damage. 

So you think the Silverado drifting driver was embarrassed?

Silverado drifting gone bad |Reddit
Silverado drifting gone bad |Reddit

Now, with this post to Reddit, we all can see the result. We are sure the driver was surprised, but we wonder how embarrassed he is? And if he even knows he almost ran over the spectator on the island? The truck smacked so hard the energy raised up the back of the truck.

If we had to guess, the truck will need a new axle assembly with brakes. It will probably need passenger springs, and maybe even a driveshaft. And of course a new wheel and tire. Even if he does the work himself it will cost possibly $2,000-$3,000. Even used, it appears a good axle assembly is $600. 

This could have been worse

Silverado drifting gone bad
Silverado drifting gone bad | Reddit

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But, as with many mistakes, things could have been worse. If the truck had hit the spectator, that’s a serious, costly problem. If the spectator, like the snapped tire, was thrown under the truck, that’s not a good place to be. Had the tire not jammed under the truck it would have slid on what was left of the axle stub and smacked into one of those trees. Or more people. That would result in body damage and carnage. 

So, Mr. Drifty got away with only extreme embarrassment and a few grand in repairs. And hopefully, a lesson in not being so quick to show off. Especially, when you have no talent or awareness.