Watch: Crazy Destruction From 3,000 HP Ram Explosion

The easiest way to blow up your 3,000 hp Ram diesel pickup is to wing it up on the dyno until it explodes. And make sure you’ve got an audience to help spread the account of this epic explosion. That’s what the Ram truck’s owner; Shawn Baca did. He calls this horsepower beast the “Master Shredder” and boy did it live up to its name. It shreds not only the engine but much of the rest of the truck as well. 

Shawn’s Ram 2500 was known for its insane 2,920 hp and 4,000 lb-ft of diesel torque. The dyno run he made before this epic explosion put him into the record books as the most powerful diesel vehicle on a chassis dyno. But chasing records can also lead to setbacks if you will. Let’s call this a major setback. 

Is this diesel explosion the Mother of them all?

Master Shredder Ram pickup explosion | YouTube

As you watch the video you see that the first pull goes well. But in his zeal to outdo that first pull Shawn came back out to try for another, better number. According to Hot Cars, he knew something wasn’t right on that second pull. Dumping more nitrous into the engine Shawn noticed it coughing. To possibly power out of that he tipped more nitrous into the engine.

The apocalyptic end shows the engine lurching up into the air as the fire quickly spreads while exploding much of the front end of the truck. As the Ram explosion continues there’s Shawn bailing out of the cab with skin hanging off of his left arm. He’s obviously gotten first degree burns.

The explosion blew the entire front end off and the transmission broke in half

Damage to the truck was extensive. You can see the passenger door ripped to shreds. The entire front end was blown up and off, and the transmission broke in half as the engine exited the engine bay. We understand the only things salvageable from the engine might be the turbos and the fuel injectors. 

Master Shredder Ram pickup | YouTube

According to Hot Cars, Shawn plans on rebuilding, as we would expect. His Ram truck is famous in certain circles and he obviously likes to chase records and horsepower. With a rebuild, he can adjust those things all builders find not exactly to their liking until after it is built. He is looking at every aspect of his truck and proceeding accordingly. 

When word of his Master Shredder finds it rebuilt we’ll revisit his progress to see what Shawn has done to exceed the first version of his crazy horsepower diesel truck.

Master Shredder Ram pickup owner Shawn Baca | YouTube

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