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A couple of cops needed to be Superman recently, and they managed to pull it off. After coming to the aid of a woman trapped underneath an SUV, cops lifted the SUV in the air to free her. Someone captured the entire scene on video, and it’ll have your heart pounding. Here’s what happened that made cops lift an SUV off of a 70-year-old woman in this terrifying video.

Cops lift an SUV off of a 70-year-old woman, video raises questions

On Wednesday, January 19, in New Castle County, Delaware, cops dispatched to Fieldstone Lane in Country Creek for a report of a woman trapped under a vehicle. They found a 70-year-old woman pinned under her 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe when they arrived. According to police footage, her left arm was pinned under the car, and one leg was under the front-left tire. Fortunately, the police officers came with backup because it took five of them to lift the SUV.

According to Newsweek, New Castle Police said: “A member of the community had attempted to use a jack, but it was not high enough to lift the vehicle. When the patrol officers arrived, they were able to lift the vehicle high enough to pull her out from underneath.”

The woman is listed as in serious but stable condition after being taken to a nearby hospital for her injuries. If the officers couldn’t lift the SUV into the air, things might’ve been much worse.

How did she get under the SUV?

2022 Hyundai Santa Fe PHEV, a 2016 model is what a 70 year old woman was trapped under, cops lift the SUV off her to safety in this terrifying video.
Shimmering Silver 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe PHEV | Hyundai

Police said that alcohol is not believed to be a contributing factor, but they’re still investigating the crash.

Mark R. Logemann, chief of the New Castle County Emergency Medical Services Division, said: “The quick thinking and physical actions of the bystander and the officers from the Division of Police played a major role in this patient being protected from further injury and possibly death. The Emergency Medical Services Division values the close working relationship we share with our law enforcement partners in our combined mission to serve the citizens of New Castle County.”

The only footage available is police bodycam footage, so there’s no evidence of what happened in the crash. Unfortunately, that means police must continue their investigation to uncover what happened. Regardless, the woman ended up in an unfavorable position and was lucky to escape with her life.

A similar incident ended far worse, a person trapped under a minivan

On January 20, the day after the previous incident, Mill Creek Fire Company dispatched responders to Linden Hill Square Townhouses in Pike Creek, Delaware. The victim’s brother said the unnamed victim was changing the oil on a minivan and became stuck underneath. Unfortunately, he died before the first responders arrived on the scene.

Thankfully the woman from the video is alright because cops arrived and could help. A kind bystander attempted to assist with a jack but couldn’t lift the vehicle high enough. Be very careful when operating jacks and other car-lifting mechanisms, especially with people underneath. Sometimes, the results can be devastating. Luckily, these cops were able to lift an SUV off of the 70-year-old woman.


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