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Usually, car companies stay away from controversy. We’re sure that initially, GMC had no idea its marketing scheme for this commercial would cause raised eyebrows. But, if you’re comparing your own pickups and SUVs off-road prowess against luxury coupes and large sedans, you kind of blew it with your latest GM ads. 

This was a GMC-produced commercial

GMC commercial still of stranded supercar
GMC Commercial stranded supercar

This GMC-produced commercial holds the premise that GMC trucks and SUVs can handle off-road conditions better than other brand’s cars. Well, yeah. One would expect that an off-road capable vehicle would do that. 

The commercial starts with certain non-GM cars stuck on the side of an off-road path. Then, AT4 off-road GMC trucks instantly show up. Those hapless cars are a modified Lamborghini Huracan, Bentley Continental GT, and a Genesis G80 buried in a sand dune. 

What do these cars have to do with GMC trucks?

GMC commercial with stranded luxury car
GMC Commercial | GM

After soaking in the stuck cars spinning their rear wheels the scene shifts to the AT4 GMC team and its versatility in off-road conditions. Of course, the stuck cars have crossover counterparts. These include Lambo’s Urus, the Bentayga by Bentley, and the Genesis GV80. A veiled reference? Yeah, we think so. 

Anyway, the beginning scenes with the stuck cars might grab your initial attention, but comparing them to GMC off-road vehicles is ludicrous. Feedback, as seen on the internet, is not good. Many wonder what the comparison is about and who is it targeted to? 

Nobody would think of comparing supercars and luxury vehicles to off-road trucks

GMC commercial with stranded Lamborghini
GMC Commercial | GM

Some call it an unfair comparison which we would agree with. Nobody would think of comparing supercars and luxury vehicles to off-road trucks. Unless, however, they just didn’t know what they were doing. Then it makes perfect sense. 

We wonder if anyone at GMC actually vetted this spot or if the ad agency went rogue on GM? Either way, it is another low point for GM and its subpar advertising. Hopefully, with enough pressure, GMC will get their advertising act together and stop using insipid marketing to try and lure the unknowing. 


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