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Watch this vid and count the ways this could have gone wrong. The drifter is an amateur because professional drifting would never do this without protection for the observers. So naturally being amateurs, things happen. Mostly bad. We are glad to say nobody got hurt in this mess. But the Mercedes C63 got doinked. It could have been worse.

Mind-numbing dangerous

Complete idiots drifting Mercedes sedan in a crowd
Drifting idiots | YouTube

We kept waiting for this driver to drift into the unprotected crowds and see bodies fly. Thankfully that didn’t happen. You can see Mustangs leaving events for that action if you’re so inclined. 

Instead, we watch as the owner burns off left rear tires without too much damage. Yes, tires. He brought spares because after shredding one he’s back out spinning the second set. But not for long. 

This was bad-It could have been worse

Drifting idiots with lots of people
Drifting without thinking | YouTube

If you’re going to do this you should do it at sanctioned drifting setups. Learning and/or practicing in parking lots is dangerous on different levels depending on if your antics draw a crowd. And for the sake of your equipment, don’t drift on bad surfaces. If you have to, stay away from potholes and big cracks in the pavement. 

All of these tips make sense to drivers making smart decisions. The ones who don’t do what this Mercedes driver ends up doing. And what the passengers do; which is hanging out the windows like hung laundry. It is not an especially good look or idea. A bad idea in a litany of bad ideas on view for you to digest. 

Watch lots of money go down the drain

Drifting stupidity with people watching
Drifting idiots | YouTube

As for the Mercedes, if you blow a tire you can expect for it to take your bumper cover as it shreds. Watch for yourself. Now, if you want to see a pile of money get burned up quickly, notice the final actions causing the drifting scene to end. The fun is over, but the spending to fix it all is just beginning. 

Today, an AMG 63 sedan will run you over $70,000. Limited production and AMG pieces make it something more than just a small sedan. And owners of AMG Mercs take some pride in having a Mercedes that is a cut above. So it is odd to see the driver have so little regard for what is a special sedan.

As for drifting, the events we attend show high regard for safety, not only for the crowds but for the drivers, too. This spectacle obviously had no oversight or sanctioning. It was an unfortunate confluence of people and car owners wanting to show off.

In all, we counted so many bad decisions in this vid we couldn’t keep track. Everyone you see in this mess is lucky things didn’t escalate into calamity. Hopefully, we can all learn from this group’s combined bad decisions.


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