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You’ve probably seen plenty of stunts like this in movies. But this is no stunt. The Toyota Camry seen flying over this levy is the real deal. And it was all caught on a passing car’s dashcam. When you see it you won’t believe a car like this Camry can be launched into the air like that in the real world.

When the flying Camry hit the pavement, it hit very hard

This happened in Yuba City, California. It was first reported by CBS Sacramento and the video was soon posted on YouTube. When passengers in the passing car saw the flying Toyota they screamed, shrieked is more like it, and the driver stopped. 

When the Camry hit the pavement, and it hit the pavement hard, it slid and then flipped onto its roof and then stopped. The passing car’s passengers called 911 and then checked on the Camry driver. Miraculously, the woman driving the Camry was alive. 

Estimates put the Camry’s speed at between 80 and 100 mph. This road runs next to Highway 99 which is the route through the San Joaquin Valley. The speed limit for the road is 25 mph. 

The Camry flying wasn’t even the strangest part of this insanity

Flying Camry
Flying Camry | YouTube

What is even stranger than the stunt jump is what led up to it. According to the California Highway Patrol, the car had just left the scene of a hit-and-run accident. The hit and run was the result of the Camry driving backward on Highway 99 then exiting an onramp. 

Exiting onto the road next to 99 it makes a sharp left turn which the woman in the Camry failed to negotiate. Actually, there was no negotiation. It just kept going straight over the levy, into the air and smashing onto the adjacent street. 

Amazingly, the Dukes of Hazzard jump that the Camry traveled was able to thread itself between two power poles. There was also a lot of dry grass around where this happened. Had the Camry come to rest around some of that brush it would have started a fire. In all, a pretty crazy chain of events.

Intoxication has been ruled out as a contributing factor

Flying Camry landing
Flying Camry | YouTube

There is also a surveillance video of the jump from another vantage point. The quality isn’t great, but it gives you another angle of insanity. Intoxication has been ruled out. 

The woman was admitted to the hospital with minor injuries and walked out later that day. Kudos to Toyota and federal regulators for this major crash resulting in only minor injuries. As of this writing, no arrests have been made, but the CHP is investigating the hit and run incident. 


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