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Are Chevy dealers good with their techs testing a customer’s C8 Corvette at 148 mph? How about street racing a Dodge Charger? Nah, we didn’t think so. But this Corvette Performance Data Recorder does not lie. The whole thing was caught with video to match. 

This happened when a customer’s 2021 C8 was dropped off at the local Chevy dealer for an issue with the engine. It turned out it was just a loose spark plug wire. That was the happy news. But the rest of this is not so happy.

Dealer techs testing C8 Corvettes is always a good thing

C8 Corvette data recorder showing 148 mph
C8 Corvette data recorder showing 148 mph | Reddit

The tech thought it best to test drive the Stingray just to make sure everything was in working order. This is a good thing to do. It is the lack of judgment after taking the Corvette for that test drive that has shocked many.

The Performance Data Recorder was recording everything, even if the tech didn’t remember it was. Including video. Over the course of a half-hour, the tech finds this Corvette check out well, going 148 mph just to make sure.

Is this how GM techs are supposed to test customer’s C8 Corvette?

Oh, and wanting to check out the Corvette’s acceleration and handling. You can see him speeding and accelerating with swiftness and confidence. After all, nobody knows it is a customer car. 

Dicing through traffic and hitting triple-digit speeds throughout the blitz, he spies a Dodge Charger. That’s the perfect opportunity to check out overall performance. Or not. 

Both drivers cut through heavy traffic to run the Corvette through its paces. Is this the recommended testing procedure approved by Chevrolet? Nah, we didn’t think so. All the while the Performance Data Recorder logs everything that is going on. 

Remind your service rep that the data recorder is always on

C8 Corvette data recorder showing 148 mph
C8 Corvette data recorder approaching Dodge Charger | Reddit

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Once the owner found the info he uploaded it to social media for us all to enjoy. We can now see what grueling testing GM techs put cars through when they’re brought in for service. This should give one solace that their Chevy is being taken care of by the experts at your local Chevy dealer. 

Yeah, GM does not approve of this. But there have been numerous postings of other PDR videos showing similar stunts done with customers’ Corvettes in for service. Maybe the service manager should place a warning tag on the rearview mirror to remind the service department that they are being recorded? 

So, sit back and enjoy this joyride turned street race by a proud member of this dealer’s service department.