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Remember that goofy Bronco pitchman parody last year that Ford brought out. The “spokesperson” was John Bronco, played by actor Walton Goggins. We sort of thought this was just a placeholder for anxious Bronco faithful until it was launched. But now he’s back with a new short comedy.

This is a surprise Bronco promo for something Ford doesn’t need to promote

An orange and a blue 2021 Ford Bronco facing each other in the mountains.
2021 Ford Bronco | Ford

Running on Hulu right now, it is another reminder of how popular the SUV really is. Of course, Ford isn’t doing much in the way of promotion for its latest SUV. It doesn’t have to. With orders for 2021 filled and production proceeding in fits and starts, it doesn’t have to. 

This new short hypes that John Bronco is back “and ready to get on the saddle again.” Others lending their talents to the piece include Tim Meadows, Michael Chiklis, Brian Austin Green, and Bo Derek. They support John Bronco, “a rodeo rider, a racing champion, a sex symbol, and the greatest pitchman in history.” 

Enthusiasts will like some of the footage of vintage Bronco SUVs

1972 Ford Bronco LUXE-GT made by Gateway Bronco parked on a road
1972 Ford Bronco LUXE-GT | Gateway Bronco

What enthusiasts will like are all of the old footage of vintage Broncos that appear in both the original and also this latest short comedy. This should also give you a bit of joy to realize that Ford is making so much dough off of the Bronco, it can indulge in offbeat promotions like this.

We don’t begrudge Ford for that. We just wish it could get its new vehicle launches dialed in without continuous delays. Not for us but for those on waiting lists for the all-new SUV.

Ford’s problems started months ago with the manufacturer of the hardtops not being able to keep up with demand. Some orders had to be delayed until the 2022 model year. At this point, only molded-in hardtops and soft-tops were being assembled.

Orders have continually been interrupted setting some orders into 2022

Ford Bronco Riptide Concept Off-roader
Bronco Riptide Concept | Ford

Owners started noticing flaws and separations in their molded-in-color hardtops. Others complained about the poor quality of the paint finishes. While Ford said these issues were “microscopic” it halted hardtop deliveries. Now it is replacing every hardtop on vehicles delivered as well as those sitting in lots waiting to be shipped. 

This wrinkle has also put some orders for delivery in 2022 as 2022 models. Ford will honor the 2021 prices for these customers. Some forums show upset owners, while there are also those who can be patient. 

The best thing about all of this is that Ford is trying to make these issues right. And some of this is attributed to the pandemic, which limited initial top production because of a lack of workforce or assembly line shutdowns. Maybe the new John Bronco comedy is a little band-aid to those patient Bronco souls. 


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