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One of Bob Saget’s last television appearances was on Jay Leno’s Garage. Leno loaned Saget a one-of-a-kind Jeep 6×6. Then the two went off-roading and reminisced about their comedy careers.

 Bob Saget was one-of-a-kind

Bob Saget driving the Apocalypse HellFire 6x6 based on a Jeep Gladiator with a Chevy crate engine | Jay Leno's Garage on Youtube
Bob Saget driving the Apocalypse HellFire 6×6 | Jay Leno’s Garage on Youtube

The late Bob Saget was not easily categorized. On one hand, he played a beloved sitcom dad on Full House. On the other hand, Jay Leno called him, “the dirtiest comedian I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Perhaps this was why Jay Leno chose an over-the-top ride for Saget. The comedian and actor appeared on Jay Leno’s garage when doing a press tour for his upcoming film, Killing Daniel. The two entertainers knew each other for nearly fifty years. Leno took the opportunity to go off-roading with his pal.

Leno is an EV enthusiast who loves his Tesla Model S. But he isn’t against off-roading, taking out such extreme rigs as the new GMC Hummer. The vehicle Leno chose for Saget was the Apocalypse HellFire 6×6. Saget’s stint behind the wheel was exciting, to say the least.

The Apocalypse HellFire 6×6

This HellFire 6x6 is based on Chrysler's Jeep Gladiator with a GM engine | Apocalypse Manufacturing
HellFire 6×6 | Apocalypse Manufacturing

Apocalypse is a Florida-based company that fabricates custom off-road vehicles. The HellFire is a Jeep-Gladiator-based custom. The HellFire Jay Leno loaned to Bob Saget is Apocalypse’s 78th truck.

The truck features a 500-horsepower custom LS3 Chevy crate V8. It rides on six 40-inch tires. Apocalypse finished the truck in a flat gray Kevlar coat and upgraded the interior with quilted leather upholstery.

Leno said, “This high-performance beast really puts the B in bigger and badder.”

Bob Saget’s HellFire drive

Comedian Bob Saget driving the Apocalypse HellFire 6x6 on Jay Leno's garage | Apocalypse vehicles
Bob Saget driving the Apocalypse HellFire 6×6 | Apocalypse Manufacturing

Bob Saget took to the Apocalypse HellFire immediately. He said, “This thing can go fast, really quickly.” He also said of driving, “It’s a giant piece of machinery underneath me!” But when the comedian tried to, “step on it,” he suffered a mishap. Saget accidentally drove over the show’s camera crew’s equipment in the huge 6×6.

Once Leno and Saget sorted out the camera equipment, they took off on their off-roading jaunt as planned. Leno drove a classic 4WD WW2-era Willys Jeep and tried to keep up with the 500-horsepower 6×6.

While the two entertainers drove they talked about the entertainment industry. Their conversation meandered from Johnny Carson all the way to the time Leno made Saget hold a live penguin on his lap.

Bob Saget’s appearance on Jay Leno’s Garage turned out to be one of his final TV appearances before his untimely demise. Though the bit was punctuated by profanity-laced tirades and the roar of a hot-rodded V8, the two friends also made time for some touching reminiscence. You can see NBC’s trailer of the episode below.


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