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Most people are the “best driver” they know. Obviously, this cannot be true. However, these occurrences of insanely reckless drivers might prove otherwise. Few things are more satisfying than seeing a selfish or dangerous driver get theirs in real-time. To be clear, we don’t mean seeing these drivers crash or anything violent or dangerous, but seeing them get pulled over by the police can feel pretty nice. Watch these three separate instances of bad drivers getting slammed by instant Karma. 

police car in pursuit. There's nothing like watching the instant karma of a bad driver play out right in front of you.
Police car | MotorBiscuit

Is there anything better than watching bad drivers get instant karma? 

Thanks to Carscoops finding these three dashcam videos, we get to participate in the satisfaction that other drivers got to experience in real-time. 

This first video is one just to wet the whistle a little. It is not the most extreme of the three, yet it is still quite satisfying. This video was shot in 2015 on the Angeles Crest highway – a famous driving spot for California speeders. 

The video was taken by a driver documenting their own drive when a Mazda Miata rips past the video car crossing the double yellows at high speed. Within seconds, a police cruiser sees the red Miata, busts a U-turn, and lights them up in a satisfying moment of instant Karma. 

Is a hit and run a crime? 

A hit and run is not only just a crime; it is a serious one that no one should get away with. Thankfully, in this next video from 2012 that was just recently posted, a driver who tried to flee an accident was swiftly brought to justice in another satisfying moment. 

In this video, the driver filming with a dashcam was hit by another motorist who took off after the crash. The victim follows the driver and happens to find a cop. He tells the cop what happened, and within minutes the police have apprehended the alleged perpetrator is in cuffs at a gas station fulfilling the instant Karma. 

Can you pass using the emergency lane? 


Watch as a Stalled Nissan Altima On Foggy California Highway Creates Nightmarish Mayhem

Passing or even driving in the emergency lane without an emergency is against the law. Besides the dangers you present to yourself and other drivers by pulling this kind of stunt, driving in the emergency lane is also a great way to pick up road debris that can damage your car. 

In this final video, a Jeep Liberty comes up behind a Cadillac escalade with some gusto. Instead of passing on the left lane like we are supposed to, the Jeep takes to the emergency lane to overtake the Cadillac. 

In a moment of complete zen and oneness with justice, the Jeep doesn’t get much further down the highway when a police officer pulls the Jeep driver over after a short pursuit. 

Safe driving is cooler than acting a fool on the road

I know, talking about safe driving and praising the police for pulling over wild drivers is about as cool as a summer day in Alabama, but pulling these sorts of stunts and straight-up bad driving moves is how people end up dying in car accidents. 

If you love racing, drifting, off-roading, or any other motorsport, you must also be dedicated to proper and safe driving techniques. Without a strong driving foundation, you’ll never be a safe or a fast driver.