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Most of you have probably heard “Baby Shark.” A version of the popular children’s song is the most-watched YouTube video of all time, with over 10 billion views and counting. For me, “Baby Shark” was a staple while I worked at summer and outdoor education camps in California many years ago. I sometimes jammed for the kids on guitar with a rock music version of “Baby Shark.” Now that I have a job writing about cars, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there’s a “Baby Car” version of “Baby Shark.”

Baby car goes on a leisurely drive with his automotive family

Baby car family parked in a garage in "Baby Car" song, an automotive version of "Baby Shark"
Baby car family in a garage in “Baby Car” song | Pinkfong Baby Shark via YouTube

In my humble opinion, “Baby Car” is better than the “Baby Shark” children’s song. It adds some humor, emotional depth, and a dramatic twist. 

The video kicks off with baby car and his family revving up in a garage. Then, it cuts to a shot of three traffic lights wildly blinking, and the baby car family enthusiastically sets off on a leisurely drive. 

Baby car, a yellow subcompact, cruises along and sings with a huge smile. He waves his arms, which are the sideview mirrors. If you’ve heard the original, the lyrics, “Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo,” are likely permanently seared into your brain. “Baby Car” follows the same melody as the original, but now we have different lyrics to get stuck in your head: “Baby car, boom-boom, vroom-vroom!”

Next up is mommy car. She’s a pink vehicle — in what appears to be a cross between a Toyota Camry sedan and a Toyota Sienna minivan. “Mommy car, boom-boom, vroom-vroom!”

Following mommy car, her husband, daddy car, joins the fun. He’s a blue pickup truck, and while he drives, he pumps his arms/sideview mirrors like he’s trying to churn out some engine torque. “Daddy car, boom-boom, vroom-vroom!”

Then, grandma car chugs along, singing in a raspy voice. She’s a peach-colored classic sedan. “Grandma car, boom-boom, vroom-vroom!” The last member of the family to join the jamboree is grandpa car, huskily singing and shaking as he drives. He’s a green-colored vehicle with a large grille — and could either be a full-size SUV or a dump truck. “Grandpa car, boom-boom, vroom-vroom!”

A monster truck terrifies and chases the baby car family

Monster truck chasing baby car family in "Baby Car" song, an automotive version of "Baby Shark"
Monster truck and baby car family in “Baby Car” song | Pinkfong Baby Shark via YouTube

After their enthusiastic introductions, the baby car family zoom through a tunnel. “Let’s go drive, boom-boom, vroom-vroom!” They drive out of the tunnel, and it seems like all is well in the world of the baby car family.

However, an unexpected terror crashes the party. A massive orange monster truck with three goblins appears out of nowhere. The scary monster truck chases the baby car family, and their joyfulness quickly turns into extreme fear. “Monster truck, zoom-zoom, zoomy-zoom!”

The baby car family survived the monster truck scare and safely made it back home

Baby car family singing in "Baby Car" song, an automotive version of "Baby Shark"
Baby car family sings “Boom-boom, vroom-vroom” in “Baby Car” song | Pinkfong Baby Shark via YouTube

A high-speed chase ensued. The monster truck was hot on the heels of the baby car family. It raised its suspension high, gave a menacing look, and growled with its giant teeth. The chase was intense, and at one point, all of the vehicles drove on a hilly, gravity-defying, Hot Wheels-like road. 

However, the baby car family kicked into high gear and sped ahead. Even the previously lumbering grandma car and grandpa car showed that they still have some speeding capabilities. Out of breath and sweating, all of the cars safely made it back home and parked in the garage. “Safe at last, boom-boom, vroom-vroom!”

The baby car family got their mojo back. Seeing that the coast was clear, they pulled out in front of the garage for an encore. With searchlights shining into the sky and traffic lights pulsating, the baby car family sang, “It’s the end, boom-boom, vroom-vroom!”

The scary monster truck returns!

A monster truck surprises the baby car family in "Baby Car" song, an automotive version of "Baby Shark"
Monster truck and baby car family in “Baby Car” song | Pinkfong Baby Shark via YouTube

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However, that wasn’t the end of the children’s song. The monster truck, again, popped out of nowhere and surprised the baby car family. Everyone shouted, “Vroom!” The video ends there. To be continued?

What are the “Baby Car” songwriters thinking?

Are they trying to give children nightmares? Why can’t the baby car family drive in peace? Are the songwriters teaching kids a hard-knocks lesson about the real-life realities of road rage?

Will there be a sequel? Stay tuned and hope for the best. 

This article was updated on 7/23/2022.