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Ferrari F40 fire on Japanese turnpike

Watch: Another Ferrari F40 Burns to the Ground On Turnpike

In less than a year a second Ferrari F40 has burned down. This one happened in Japan, with the previous meltdown in Monaco. No one was injured in either fire and we know that at least in the case of the one that fried in Monaco it will be rebuilt. This one? We're not so sure.

The F40 is considered one of the most desirable modern Ferraris. With only about 1,300 made they’re rare as well. And now there is one less like this one in Japan after spontaneously igniting. Both the driver and passenger in the Ferrari F40 fire escaped after seeing smoke coming from the engine bay.

Unfortunately, the F40 won’t be rebuilt as you can see from the video

This happened on the Hakone Turnpike in the Kanagawa Prefecture over the weekend. The video was caught of the dramatic blaze. Unfortunately, the F40 won’t be rebuilt as you can see from the extensive damage; it’s a total loss.  

So far the fire department is not saying how and why the F40 caught on fire. The Hakone Turnpike is internationally known for hosting cars like the F40 due to its sweeping corners and turns. It’s the perfect place to work out an F40-at least until it catches on fire.

This is the second F40 to get torched to nothing in less than a year

Ferrari F40 fire on Japanese turnpike
Ferrari F40 fire | ANN News

This is the second F40 to get torched to nothing in less than a year. That one happened in Monaco. As rare and desirable as they are, you wonder if maybe someone will take a stab at rebuilding this one because the F40 seen in Monaco is being rebuilt now? 

As first reported by Yahoo! Japan, this happened back on May 8. Once the driver saw smoke he pulled over and both he and his passenger escaped without injury. With twin-turbochargers and a confined engine compartment, there is a lot of heat generated. There are a number of reasons a fire starts in an engine compartment but the higher heat doesn’t help. 

Some Ferraris have melted the glue holding wheel housing heat shields

black smoke from F40 fire in Japan
Ferrari F40 fire | ANN News

Some have been known to melt the glue holding the wheel housing heat shields next to the engine. Mostly, fires are caused by poor engine maintenance. Especially, if a fuel hose is not replaced or is not attached properly gas can drip onto the exhaust manifolds causing a fire. 

These were powered by a 2.9-liter V8 hooked to a five-speed manual transmission. They were manufactured from the late 1980s until the early 1990s.


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