Watch An Automotive Artist Create a Ferrari V12 Engine

It is a wonderful thing when your talent and your passion line up. Let me explain. There is an automotive artist out there that started by working on bodywork for cars. Then, to his skills, he added the art of airbrushing, Marker Cars, drawing, and pinstriping. His skills expanded each time and he loves what he now gets to do. That is, working as a full-time automotive artist. His knowledge and talent have given him a keen eye for detail and now he gets to express his passion every day. Thankfully, he is even starting to record it on Youtube.

Automotive artistry is a thing

A drawing of a Ferrari engine with 12 velocity stacks sitting above a red valve cover.
A Ferrari V12 drawing by Artist Chris Dunlop | Chris Dunlop via Instagram

Many people may not know that automotive artistry is a thing. But it is! There are artists that specialize in the automotive field. A name like Chip Foose may be familiar to some from various car show appearances. But there are a plethora of other artists out there. Some specialize in exterior design or sculptures. Others specialize in pinstriping or paint. Though they may not have the name recognition that Chip Foose has, it does not mean they are not talented. On the contrary, some of the artists have breathtaking work.

Youtubing your art creations is a thing

Chris Dunlop is an automotive artist. He uses his Instagram social media account extensively to show people progress on art pieces he is putting together. Almost every day, he has something new, or a variation he has done of something old. But, at the urging of his fan followers, he recently picked up a camera to record a day in his life as an artist to post on Youtube. You can see that video below.

The art of the Ferrari V12 engine

He quickly followed that up with a Youtube video of him working on a Ferrari engine sketch. While the camera was recording, he created this V12 engine from scratch. In a voiceover, he talks about how he addresses the detail of the engine revealing his mental strategy for all his work in general. 

The velocity stacks on top of the engine are the first things that come into clarity on Mr. Dunlop’s creation. Then the fuel rails and the red valve cover. It is a pretty impressive thing to see the Ferrari V12 come alive before you. The video is below. 

Drawing and Inspiring

For anybody that has ever tried to draw a car or a part of one, Mr. Dunlop is an inspiration. His awareness of detail, perception of proportion, and color flow in a presentation, any presentation has always been breathtaking. Is his work perfect? Even he admits that they are not. He says he is not looking to reproduce a picture, although a picture may provide reference. Instead, he prefers what a drawing from a blank sheet provides him, the opportunity to embellish to his liking. 


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Mr. Dunlop has done well for himself. In developing his talent into skills, he has become very good at what he does. In fact, he has even had major manufacturers call him to do some work for them. But, he still makes himself available to his Instagram and Youtube fan followers. For him to offer a glimpse into his work like this is a treat. Besides, it is always good to look at a V12 Ferrari engine, even if it is on paper.