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Any car detailing enthusiast knows it is essential to thoroughly wash their car to ensure it stays in top-notch shape. A vehicle’s paint can tell a complete story of the car, even a car that just rolls off the production line. If you are particularly interested in getting your car looking outstanding and keeping its value higher, AMMO NYC is here to help. Larry from AMMO NYC takes the time to make a new Ferrari Roma look stunning.

The Ferrari Roma is an unforgettable coupe

The Ferrari Roma is an Italian supercar with seating for four passengers. Realistically, the rear seats are only suitable for children, but you can squeeze two full-grown adults back there as long as they don’t expect to be the most comfortable. While those seats may not be the most spacious, anyone who can afford one would consider buying a Ferrari because of its performance. The Ferrari Roma performs remarkably thanks to its turbocharged 3.9-liter V8 engine that makes 612 horsepower and 561 lb-ft of torque.

In addition to the incredible performance, the Ferrari Roma is ready to offer; step inside and enjoy outstanding luxury. The supportive seats can be covered in several different materials and colors and will provide drivers and passengers with a truly luxurious experience. In addition to offering you outstanding refinement and luxury, this coupe gives you the advanced technology you want.

Despite the heritage, there are a few flaws

a white 2022 ferrari roma, supercar with four seats
2022 Ferrari Roma | Martyn Lucy via Getty Images

When a driver decides to purchase a new Ferrari Roma, they are expecting to get something absolutely flawless. From the build quality, technology, and finishing touches, drivers expect to get a car that will have no issues. Of course, there may be minor imperfections, but in most cases, those can be easily fixed. 

Larry, the founder, and madman behind AMMO NYC, digs into a 2021 Ferrari Roma. From afar, this car looks phenomenal, but once you get up close and personal, there are some glaring issues. This car has been driven sparingly, and there are already significant issues with the paint. 

Once the car undergoes its first thorough wash and inspection, the swirls, marks, and other issues cover the paint. While it looks shocking, this is fairly common with fresh paintwork. Despite the Ferrari Roma’s high cost, these imperfections should not be a shock. Even the most meticulously built cars will have mistakes.

Larry quickly gets to work fixing the paintwork with a small rotary polisher and a soft wool pad. He focuses on the small areas first to ensure he will not damage this unique paint. After finishing the small areas, he tackles the rest of the car with a larger polishing pad. In both cases, Larry uses the ultimate care and attention to ensure there is no further damage to the paint. 

After a quick clean of the interior, installing a clear bra, a piece of protection added to areas susceptible to rock chips, a layer of Reflex Pro, and the Ferrari Roma looks better than new.

The Ferrari Roma looks as good as it drives

a red 2022 ferrari roma , a luxurious italian coupe that is able to offer outstanding performance
2022 Ferrari Roma | Martyn Lucy via Getty Images

Detailers, both home enthusiasts and professionals, can appreciate the hard work of cleaning a car as unique as the Ferrari Roma. Larry is truly a master of his craft. His attention to detail and care is on full display when he works on this Italian piece of work. Once he completed this meticulous detail, the individual dark green of the Ferrari Roma had a deep shine that made it stand out in a whole new way.

It’s possible to car clean right from home as long as you have the right tools and knowledge. The results may not be at the level of the Ferrari Roma. But, after some practice, you too could be making your car look this good.


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