Watch a YouTube Creator Remove Ignition Key From a Moving Vehicle

Every once in a while, you find out that something is not as you had been led to believe. For example, I was told that if you take a key out of the ignition when the car is in motion, the engine will cut off, and the steering will lock up. That was enough knowledge for me never to try such a dangerous thing. A Youtube creator, however, decided to find out first hand what would happen if he did it with his old Ford Ranger pickup. Of course, he filmed his experiment.

A man gives the thumbs up through the side window of a blue Ford Ranger pickup.
The Autovlog YouTube channel has a hooptie, a 1994 Ford Ranger | Autovlog via YouTube

Youtube creator is no stranger to oddball automotive things

The host of the Youtube channel, we will call him Mike, is not a stranger to testing oddball automotive related things. Two years ago, he acquired a hooptie for $500. It was purchased purely for entertainment value, not for scientific or educational purposes. The car was an old 1998 Chevy/Geo Prizm. 

After the car was purchased, Mike filled the gas tank with brake fluid to see what would happen. Continuing with his antics, a few videos later, he decided to find out what would happen if he substituted chocolate milk for oil. That video is below.

A different YouTube automotive experiment

Now there is a new video on the Autovlog channel. This time another hooptie is being used. It is a 1994 Ford Ranger XL regular cab. Mike, of course, is again determined to try strange things that have popped into his mind, or that may have been offered in the comments section of his video. So, needless to say, shenanigans have ensued. 

The first experiment filmed for the Youtube channel with the old pickup, is removing the key from the vehicle when the car is on and in motion. Upon understanding the premise for this video, I was immediately concerned for Mike’s safety. I was sure he was going to get himself hurt. After all, I was taught bad things would happen if this was done. I did not want to watch the video for fear of what might happen. However, like a train wreck, I could not stop myself. The video is below.

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Spoiler Alert

Mike seemed just as confused by what happened as I was, which is nothing. Yup, nothing happened. In fact, he even throws the key out the window and drives the truck fine. That was not the disturbing thing, though. The biggest surprise in the video came when he attempted to turn off the truck and start it again without the key. All he had to do was turn the ignition cylinder by hand. Doing so made the truck work fine. So, that means the key for that vehicle is only useful to lock and unlock the doors. Otherwise, it is not necessary.

The Youtube video is bewildering

The genuine look of bewilderment on his face was equaled by my own. I was sure something would break on the pickup by doing such an action. But, instead, it looks like nothing happened. Is this normal with vehicles of days gone by with plate keys that were non-chipped? Was the truck’s ignition cylinder just too worn to identify that anything was in it? Too many questions. 

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For our readers, I want to encourage you not to try this experiment. It is unknown if Autovlog’s old pickup truck was an anomaly. It does not matter if it was or was not. It is better to be safe than sorry. So, please do not attempt to replicate Mike’s hijinx. But, if you ever had the question about what would happen, at least you know one person has tried it.