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We get it. Most of us see Prius owners hypermiling their way to work slowing down traffic. Or, we get stuck behind one of the slow, green (they are always green), first-generation Accord hybrids trying to get the dash to show some amazing MPG number. Those drivers give hybrids a bad name. But Ferrari is now changing that dynamic in a big way with the 296GTS and 296GTB that are hybrid boosted.  

What’s the difference between a Ferrari 296GTB and 296GTS?

The 296GTB is the coupe, while the 296GTS has a drop-top. These, however, are some of the first of a new generation of Ferrari. They are hybrids, and that means they get a 3.0-liter V6 paired with a strong electric motor that makes a total of 819 horsepower. The GTS has a slightly different interior with different seats that reduce wind buffeting at high speeds in the convertible. Other than that, they’re the same car.

While many hybrid supercars like the Acura NSX use electric motors to power the front wheels to give the cars all-wheel drive, not Ferrari. To keep the driving dynamics similar to other mid-engined Ferraris, the 296 series only gets rear-wheel drive.

How much does the Ferrari 296 GTB cost?

For about $325,000 you can buy a new 296GTB. A 296GTS starts at About $372. But, these cars are bespoke with each one essentially getting a custom treatment from the factory, at extra cost, of course.

They come in 15 colors, and even paint textures. You want a matte yellow? What color do want in the engine bay in back? Do you want your leather seats and dash to match or not? What about carbon fiber wheels, or the carbon fiber racing seats?

Regardless of which color combination you pick, the cars are all insanely fast. They will go from zero to 60 mph in less than 3.0 seconds, and top out at more than 200 mph.

How fast is a Ferrari 296GTB?

Not many of us can afford to rent a runway for a top speed run. But this video, posted to DuPont Registry shows a Ferrari 296GTB hit 342 kph. That’s a solid 212 mph. This car won’t be clogging gup the right lane on your morning commute to be sure.

Ferrari recalled the 296GTB and 296GTS

Ferrari 296GTS interior
The interior of a 296GTS | Ferrari

Ferrari said the 296 series cars will be recalled and repaired. In the cars, a fuel connecting pipe can rub on the high-voltage battery and begin to leak gasoline. And, we all know what happens when gasoline hits hot parts, like engine blocks, exhausts, or even the battery itself. Ferrari will replace the pipe with a new one that has a protective cover.

Since the 296 series of cars are high-performance hybrids, it’s not a surprise that the battery can create a lot of heat.

The recall is important on these cars because they use a powerful 6.0-kWh battery pack mounted under the floor. That pack provides up to eight miles of all-electric driving when fully charged. Inside, they borrow the multi-screen layout from the SF90 supercar. That means you access most of the controls and menus via screens on the left and right of the driver, while most of the driving functions are controlled by a Formula 1-style steering wheel.


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