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Driving down the road with a Mount Krumpet worth of snow on the roof of your car affects car safety. In addition, driving with snow on your car is illegal. As the snow blows off your roof, it can blind drivers behind you and even cause crashes. Yet somehow, many drivers still neglect to brush the snow off their cars. But a FOX News weatherman from Detroit has had enough and mocks drivers while on the air.

Try this ‘scientific swiping motion’

Black car driving down a snowy road in a blizzard, its roof unsafely piled with snow.
An unsafe driver with snow on their car | Verónica Lacasa/Europa Press via Getty Images

Derek Kevra is a meteorologist for FOX 2 News in Detroit. A video of him sarcastically showing viewers the “really hard concept” of cleaning the snow off their car has gone viral.

“Given what I saw on the roads last night, this must be a really hard concept for people to understand. So today, we’re gonna break down the science behind wiping the snow off of your car.”

Derek Kevra, FOX 2 News

At the beginning of the video, Kevra is facing the camera, standing in front of a snow-covered car. He jokes that many people on the road seem to struggle cleaning off their cars so he promises to break it down.

Kevra holds up a snow brush/ice scraper tool. Then he uses the brush end to knock the snow from the car’s windows. He tells the viewers, “begin with a generic left-to-right swipe. Then a couple inches below that you’ll swipe back (in the other direction).”

Kevra reminds everyone to sweep “all the way around” their car. In addition to his joking, he gives useful advice to, “Make sure the mirrors are clean.”

‘There might be some ice–don’t freak out’

A man in a baseball cap stands in front of a brick house and uses a tool to brush the snow off a car.
A man brushes the snow off his car | Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Kevra warns that after you have successfully brushed all the powdery snow off your vehicle, “there might be some ice.” The weatherman reassures his viewers, “Don’t freak out! There’s a part of the blade that can help you get that ice off.” Then he flips around the snow brush/ice scraper tool and shows how to scrape ice off the vehicle.

At this point Kevra shows viewers that a scraper will usually break up bits of ice stuck to a car’s windows.

Kevra also shows how to clean up a car’s wing mirrors, scraping the snow off so you can see behind you while driving. Finally, he uses his brush tool to clean off the headlights so the car’s signals can work properly.

‘Your obligation, and the law’

Later, Kevra admitted that his “how to have a snow-free car” video was “tongue and cheek (sic).” But at the same time, he implored drivers to “clean the snow off your car before you get on the road.”

Even during his funny video, Kevra reminds car owners that it is not just “your obligation” to “knock all this stuff off,” but in addition, it is “the law.”

You can see Kevra’s video for yourself by clicking play in the Twitter embed below:


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