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A villa with two Ferraris out front is a scene most would dream up when describing a snapshot of their dream life after winning the lottery. Well, this exact scene played out this past Saturday, but not in the way anyone would ever want. Two Ferraris got caught on video trying to take a corner too quickly in front of an Italian villa, and both purebreds failed to make the corner launching themselves into the side of the villa in an expensive flash of luxurious failure.  

Two Ferraris flying through the air
Ferrari crash | Youtube: APG

Two Ferraris and an Italian villa

If there wasn’t a video, it might be hard to believe. However, there is a video, and even still its a little hard to wrap your head around. 

The video footage shows the side retaining wall of a beautiful Italian villa, and from out of frame, the first Ferrari rounds a corner far too quickly and launches from the road, through the air, and crash lands into the side wall of the villa. Before you can even register the insanity of the first flying Ferrari, his buddy quickly follows in a Ferrari, doing the exact same thing. In a matter of mere moments, two Ferraris had flown through the air and into the villa. Yes, it’s really that insane. 

CarScoops reports that the two Ferrari drivers were tourists from Belgium. Some conflicting reports suggest the 50 and 54-year-old tourists were actually from The Netherlands. No matter where the two are actually from, in their hearts, they are clearly from Hazzard County, GA

Were the two drivers ok? 

Despite the cinematic nature of the double Ferrari crash, both drivers were ultimately ok. However, one of the drivers had to be brought to the hospital to be checked out. After the tests, he was released, leading reporters to suggest that he was also ok. 

What model Ferraris were the Duke boys driving? 

A blue Ferrari Berlinetta on fire after crashing into an Italian villa.
Ferrari Berlinetta | Youtube: APG

The European wing of the Duke family may have made a mess of the supercars, but they had good taste. The footage shows the first car launched into the Italian villa was a red Ferrari 296 GTB. The second car was a blue Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, which caught on fire upon impact. 

At some point, drivers need to understand that the amount of horsepower in your average car today is pretty insane. But supercars have horsepower that professional racers from 50 years ago could only dream about. The 296 GTB is a hybrid V6 making 830 hp. The second of the Duke Boy’s Ferraris was the 6.3L V12 Berlinetta making 731 hp. 

It’s easy to poke fun at knucklehead drivers like this, and sure, no one should be driving like that, especially untrained. However, that amount of power can get the best of 99% of drivers. Even drivers who train on track and really know their cars can lose it. This is why driving like this outside of controlled environments is so dangerous. These modern supercars offer more power than anyone could ever hope to use on public roads.

The insane part isn’t one driver overdoing it with a supercar. What’s wild is that both drivers felt equally confident to drive not only too fast but making the exact same mistakes. 

There is a chance the 296 GTB could be salvaged, but the Berlinetta’s fire will likely take that car off the road forever. So, on top of running their vacations, these fellas got hit with monster bills on their Ferrais and whatever it costs to rebuild part of an Italian villa.