Watch a 1300-hp Dodge Viper Obliterate Its Tires With Twin-Turbo Power

Most people understand that a Dodge Viper doesn’t need any extra help to rip its tires off. The hot rod and custom world runs away with itself now and again…Sometimes, folks can’t leave well enough alone, and they end up customizing a car to a place only a few can follow. This car is a lesson in quantum mechanics; it is both 100 percent silly and 100 percent rad at the same time. Strap in and enjoy all 1300 hp of tire-ripping madness. 

A 1300-hp Dodge Viper might be too much

According to Road & Track, the owner of this twin-turbocharged, 1300-hp Dodge Viper was riding on a set of tires that needed replacing soon and decided to give them a warrior’s death. Putting all that power down without trying to kill a set of rubber would be the more impressive feat; nonetheless, this video is just about ripping for ripping sake, and I got no problem with that.

This Viper came by its new-found power at the hands of the folks over at Nth Moto of Shakopee, Minnesota. Nth specializes in building twin-turbocharged Vipers. Although this one has insane power, the Viper’s V10 powerplant has been the stage for many a tuner who feel like the apollo space program would have been easier if only they had used one of these Vipers. 

While looking through some of Nth’s other builds, you’ll find this 1300-hp Viper is on the more friendly end of their spectrum. They have made a few others that range from 2000-3000 hp. Honestly, I can’t even really think of what that much power does, but I know I don’t want it. 

Commence the tire-shredding

The video shows the Dodge starting on a Dyno to prove out its impressive power numbers. Once they are done with that little exercise, they move on to sending the Viper’s tires to the great garage in the sky. If you are a car dork like me, the first (and maybe only)  thing you’ll notice is the wonderful and terrifying mix of sounds from the tuned exhaust and turbo blowback. Just sit and listen for a minute. It’s ok; I’ll wait. 

Nth tuned 1300-hp Dodge Viper roasting tires
Nth tuned 1300-hp Dodge Viper roasting tires | Nth

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It can be hard to burn tires in any gear. This thing has so much power that every gear has enough power to smoke ’em if you got ’em. You may also notice how quick the shifts are on the dyno. This Viper has been fitted with a racing-style sequential shifter to execute shifts quickly and without fuss.

Why do people love Vipers so much?

The Dodge Viper debuted in 1992. It did so with a child-like disregard for most things car makers agree a modern car needed like, AC, airbags, outside door handles, and, oh yeah, a roof. 

For all the pieces it lacked, it did have a series of massive V10 motors that made the Viper go like snot. It was fast, it looked like something a kid drew, it was rare, and it gave American motoring enthusiasts a car from our shores that we could be really proud to see on track with exotic sports cars. 

This wasn’t just for rich people to show off their money or have in the background of a music video. No, despite its cartoonish design, the Dodge Viper was a serious car for serious drivers. The motoring world has never gotten over this car, and I would wager we never will. It is everything we love about cars that are gone from the current car world. 

Again, I highly recommend putting on some headphones and giving yourself a few minutes to listen to a perfect car (made more perfect) roast the living hell out of its tires. Times are tough. You deserve this.